Help with London accommodation and language school

Morning people! I need your help please on behalf of one of my really, lovely students Helene, who would like to come to the UK this year and is looking for short term self contained accommodation. I know Helene well, (in fact she's become a friend - we're about the same age so she won't be a riotous guest!!) as I've been teaching her for a while now and want to make sure she ends up somewhere nice and not in a rat infested B&B.

She says:

"I would like to come to London in the winter to really improve my English. Perhaps I have found a school where I am going to take lessons and it's near to Leicester Square. I would like to find some kind of self-catering accommodation that is not too far away. I would ideally prefer to live in north London because I know it a little. I'm not sure how long I will be staying but it will be for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four. I'm not sure of my exact dates yet but it could be at any point between October 2015 and February 2016 but avoiding the Christmas period.

Although I think I've found a language school, I'm open to any other suggestions so if anyone has any recommendations, I'd be delighted to hear them. Thank you!"

So over to you please....!

I’d be happy to give her advice - I’m a British Council Education UK trained agent and have been answering this type of question full time for the last 5 years. There is no cost involved. She’ll find that once she has chosen a school - and there are good Brit Council accredited schools around London at all prices - they can provide accommodation which is usually a lot cheaper than airbnb etc. My company is Crossroads Languages. She will be able to find it on the web (not sure we can add websites here). I speak French if she prefers to write in French.

One of my friends is interested. Please could you privately message me so that we can continue with this discussion and then I can give you her details as well.

Ok I'm going to put the word out now. I have a couple of lovely friends in mind. :-)

That's brilliant info Kwashie and yes please Wendy! x

I'm from North London originally so will ask around if anyone want's a paying house guest for a few weeks if that helps?

Hi Catherine

Having spent 1 year in Barcelona teaching in English, and with a flat in St Johns is my opinion.

- Use airbnb to find a place. If she has really got unlimited pockets then she can get a self catering flat in central london...... but its likely she will do what we all do...commute.

English schools vary wildly - you dont always get what you pay for. One of the most effective ways to supplement learning is for your friend to download the "meetup" app which has details of daily language exchange and social events. No point being shy...

The Callan schools have an intensive method, teaching blocks of words and that helps some people achieve rapid results. But generally the central london schools are more focused on the glamorous locations and are often an untaxed perk for employees.

The Hampstead school of English

Is less glamorously located and therefore more serious.

Do let me know if this helps.

Cheers. KK

Hi Catherine,

I can recommend '' very easy to use site....and she might try 'Airbnb'........I hope she manages to find good affordable accomodation.....rental prices have rocketed over the last year os so..Bon chance !