Help with Social Security rebate on sale of French property

Hi ... I am new to this forum (sorry cannot upload photo - it wont work) - but wondered if anyone could help or is going through something similar. We sold our property in Normandy in 2014 - and some money was taken from us by the French Govt. in respect of social security. It now turns out that there has been a ruling that this was illegal and we applied for a refund. A YEAR later we have received a letter asking us for confirmation that we were affiliated with social security in the UK at the time of sale. I really don't understand what they want or how to get it... and we have less than 30 days to do it now. I have applied on line for my NI account at that time but the automated response says this could take weeks... v grateful for any advice from anyone who has gone through this process... thank you

Just to throw a spanner into the works, what would the situation be if you are retired and living off of your UK State Pension since 2013 at 65 and decide to sell up? Any ideas?

What if you sell at the same price or for less than the original purchase (April 2011) price and will exchange rates come into it just to complicate things even more?

Absolutely no problem. It sounds like one of those things where you'll end up going round in circles. If you get whatever documents you can, and hopefully the helpline will have some brilliant idea, send them copies of everything in triplicate. They'll probably still ask for something completely random but jump that hurdle when it comes. See what the helpline say about getting something quick in writing. x

Thanks Val for finding the numbers xx

Thank you very much Heather for your help..

Yes, I would think so. An attestation in France is easily downloadable online if people don't already have one. I expect they think the UK has a similar system. I've just received a record of my contributions (was trying to get info together for pension purposes) but I actually asked for it over three months ago. I think you'll have to ask the UK people if they can get you one quickly or perhaps try sending a lettre recommandée saying that you have asked for it and will send it as soon as it arrives, so as (hopefully!) not to have to start all over again.

its just the social security rebate part.. and they want confirmation that they were affiliated with the social security system in the UK.. is that just getting a statement regarding our NI contributions do you think?

Hi all,

Just a thought..

Might they be trying to check that people haven't declared themselves resident for capital gains purposes but non-resident for social cotisations purposes?

BTW I'm not suggesting that Avril did this, just that it could be the reason they are asking for these documents.

Avril, I have sent you a friend request and my email address. The document I have simply asks for copies of the following:

1 - Acte de vente (deed of sale)

2 - Déclaration de plus-value n° 2048-IMM-SD (Capital gains tax declaration)

3 - Attestation d’affiliation au régime de sécurité sociale (Certificate of affiliation to a social security system)

If you send Hilary a friend request and she accepts then you can exchange private messages. Re the documents, it could be the oh so frequent scenario of one person receives them but doesn't pass them to the person sitting at the next desk who then asks for the whole shebang to be resubmitted ...

Thank you Hilary.. I am sure I sent them my P60 and my partner sent a copy of his accounts for that year last year as they gave us a 30 day deadline so I am quite annoyed at having not heard anything for a whole year we are now given another 30 day deadline!..

how do I pm you my email address to you?

is it just a statement of our NI contributions that they want as I have applied on the direct gov website for these - but they say they could take a few weeks on the email they sent us (automated response).

Avril, I am dealing (via a notaire) with the refund of social charges on a sale in 2014. My client has until the end of this year to claim back.

It sounds as if whoever gave you the 30-day deadline is trying to close your case, but if you sold in 2014 you should have until the end of 2016 to submit your claim, even if it means starting again

You need to provide proof that you were covered by the social security in your country - so a copy of your European Health Card (what was the E101) valid at the time of the sale. Or any other documentary proof that you contributed to the public system for health cover (not a private medical policy)

If you want to send me a pm with your email address, I can email you guidelines (in French) given to me by my notaire.

Not sure about the position on the French side (ie specific requirements etc) but just covering all bases here. Have you tried the HMRC helpline to see if they can do anything about issuing a statement faster? Copy/pasted below

  • Telephone: 0300 200 3500
  • Textphone: 0300 200 3519
  • Outside UK: + 44 191 203 7010

Call for help and information about:

  • Class 1 National Insurance rates and thresholds
  • Statutory Payments
  • Married Women’s Reduced Rate Election
  • National Insurance statement requests
  • Class 3 National Insurance

Have you got a copy of the request they sent (taking out any 'sensitive' bits) or just the part where they're asking for "stuff"?

If you were salaried in UK then your paychecks will show your NI contributions. I have no idea how NI works for the self employed but there must be some sort of annual demand.