Help with social security

hi everyone,

I am english getting married to a french guy and have been living in lege cap ferret for 4 and a half years we have a almost 4 year old son. I have never recieved anything from the french government cash wise and have recently been told i can get some money not from pole employ or CAF but another source, does anyone know what this source might be ? any help would be very much apreciated§

the best way forward is to look up your rights on vos droits or services publics and then go and do battle explaining the situation. I had exactly that when I was the first auto entrepreneur at the URSSAF in Aurillac and I had to effectively lead them by the hand explaining how the system worked and what they should be doing and what I should be paying - fortunately the woman was quite humble and glad that some one could advise her about the new scheme!

But if you're an EU citizen you have the right to reside in any EU country, you don't need specific status or card. You'll already be resident for tax purposes by the fact of living here anyway. I had to have a carte de sejour back in 2000 when I was teaching here but since my return in 2005, I've never needed anything, done various jobs, employed, self employed, now run a business here, my kids were born here, I'm "mentioned" in our livret de famille but still haven't got round to getting pacsé with my OH. Not long ago you had to be French to be a buraliste, even that's changed allowing me to buy and run a tabac and contribut a fortune to the french state in tobacco, française des jeux, timbres fiscaux, timbres amendes etc. etc. not to mention all that TVA, and at no time has anyone questioned me about a residency permit/card in all these professional activities. The same goes for our kids and various help, CAF etc. (although my OH is French) :-O

yes it does seem like the right hand doesn't speak to the left and that each situation gets different responses! i love it here but things could seriously be easier if the government authorities all sang from the same hymn sheet!! and yes the wine certainly helps x

i went to my marie about a year ago to ask about residency status but was told that i cant have this until i have been here at least 5 years and am married to a french person not just living together, this isnt the reason we are getting married by the way but next year i will have been here 5 years and will be married; i already have a caf account which i had set up before my son was born here in 2009 so thats not a problem. but i wish you luck with your search

What do you mean by the economic union? The €?

Isn't there an office with free legal advice in your town (sorry I only know the address in Paris)? Or direct your question to the EU office where you can ask these questions (forgotten the web address for that, but you can google).

Naomi, that's complete and utter cr@p rubbish (assuming you are a UK passport holder!) and I think most of us have come across the same "the UK isn't part of Europe" thing before. Britain is part of the EU, we no longer need carte de sejour and if you're resident here, had a business here and have paid your charges sociales and impôts etc here then you're in the system (I can't see how you could not have been!) The only thing you don't have as a chef d'entreprise is unemployment benefit - we pay a fortune but it's one thing that isn't covered. Get back to them and throw the book at them ;-)

Courage et bonne chance !

You can get aid from CAF even if you don't have kids:) or they are no longer little babies:) check it out if you have holes to fill :) no shame in that ... life is expensive in France

i know what you have said was probably a joke but i dont appreciate being called a 'lazy git' as im certainly notand never have been im very much the opposite in fact and have worked all my life and very hard im just after a little assitance at this time.

i have a caf account as i did recieve a little help from them as my son was born here in dec 2009 but that stopped last dec when he turned 3 and as i have no plans to have any other kids i didnt think i was entitled to money via them but i will have another look at their site . Thankyou for your input and wishing you the best x

thats so helpful i really am grateful x

You are welcome :)

If you look at the bottom of this link there is actually a fond for women starting businesses, FGIF (Fonds de garantie à l’initiative des femmes) - This might be worth looking into. In general if you look around this site, there are many possibilities for help to start up a business.

thankyou Annette will definatly be looking into this and thankyou for your best wishes with the wedding .

Hi Vicky

I received the same check as Heather's husband a few years ago, when I established a business. The check arrived at the end of the first year of business, I had no idea why, didn't even ask for it:) So, I agree with Heather, check with AE or your local CDM.

Good luck with wedding and everything :)

thank you Heather thats very helpful ! will certainly do that yeah not always easy setting up a business and trying to organise awedding at the same time but hey in for a penny in for a pound! or euros should i say !

Check out the AE site Vicky- you might be entitled to a grant for setting up a company that doesnt exist in your area. My husband did this-went into plumbing and we got 3k from the Chamber des Métiers. We didnt get a days work mind you- but that is another story.

Hope this comment is more helpful-some people seem to have too much time on their hands eh? good luck with the wedding and business venture!

thanks bernadette will check this out vicky

thanks for this helpful response, not that i need explain myself but im setting up a small business and could just do with a little extra in the kitty to help, but cheers !

My French husband said yes work you lazy git lol from a boro supporter

I would go to your Assistance Social, they should be able to tell you what you are entitled to. The link might help Good luck.