Help with starting Air BnB

Hi just a quick question. I’m moving to France full time next year. I’m British and would like to start B and B. Do I have to register as a business or just declare when I do my tax returns?
Thanks for any advice.

I"m sure someone will be along shortly to explain in detail what you have to do.
But I know that one thing you have to do is register with your mairie as a tourist accommodation provider.
As for whether you need to register as a business, the rule used to be that if it’s your main source of income, or possibly a significant source of income, you do have to register. You will then pay full social security contributions based on your income, because this will be your route to healthcare. If you have another source of income (and therefore you have healthcare via that other activity) and the B&B is just pocket money, you’re not necessarily obliged to register.
I don’t know if this is still how it works, and I can’t remember what percentage of income the B&B can represent before you have to register, and there might be an earnings ceiling above which you are obliged to register as well.
But I think that’s roughly the idea.

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We run a gite which we advertise on Homeaway. We are retired and it is not our main income source.
We are not registered, except with the Mairie and do not have a star rating.
We declare our income via our accountant on our tax form.
We get less tax allowance on our gite income, but have less hassle with French bureaucracy.

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Thanks all for your replies.

Homeaway …does it work well for you Jane?

Barbara, it is our only advertising.
We are full in the summer.
Perhaps we could do a bit more in the shoulder months, but then we don’t have St. Emilion up the road.