Help with translation please

Can anyone help me with this translation… this is obviously a slang expression (or similar) and I would like to know what it corresponds to in English…

Ils y vont pas avec le dos de la louche

This is the nearest I can find … will ask my French friend’s tomorrow if they can give a translation.


Found this;

Ne pas y aller de main morte

Literally : to not go there with a dead hand

Meaning : You use this idiom to talk about someone who does something fully and doesn’t hold back. You could also use “ne pas y aller avec le dos de la cuillère” (lit: to not go with the back of the spoon).

English counterpart : to make no bones about it, to be heavy-handed, to not pull one’s punches

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“Make no bones about it” … mmm now that would fit…


cheers that does make sense…

“Make no bones about it”… the price will be steep; with 150k euro already spent on renovations, plus the original purchase price… and …if they hope to make a profit… ???


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and, of course… this is all about a pretty little classic car… and no, I am not the prospective buyer…

my translation skills are all to pot… my brain is blocked with Christmas carols :zipper_mouth_face:

We also have that expression about not wearing kid gloves when approaching an issue.