I have been directed to you for advice but forgive my lack of tech know how!

I have committed myself to joining the IT world - does anyone have a 'safe' website from which I can download free music?

Jim, you might like to try services like Spotify - which is free - and you don't have to download anything , you just sit back and let it play the music for you. You get adverts - but you can turn those off for £5 a month if you prefer.

There is also Google Play Music and others should you not like this service.

I use them both , and they work well and other a millions of tracks for nothing.

Claire, I also enjoy librivox, a great resource - the Android app is fantastic.



Did you write "free music download" into Google Search? I did and the first link was

I'm not much for downloading music but love a talking book or the spoken word

Podcasts are free

My favourites are the BBC ones; A good read, Book club, Woman's hour, Drama of the Week etc.

There is a whole archive of Desert Island Discs here., you get music clips with those.

Also a good resource for talking books is Librivox.

or Older ones here