Help, the clocks go forward in England tonight, I have an appt. at 9.00am (french time)in St.Brieuc tomorrow morning, do french clocks change tonight? I’m new on SFN and would appreciate your help.

we spent the whole day oblivious to the clock change. How did I realise we’d forgotten? In The Night Garden appeared to come on an hour early & bing! it clocked we were an hour ahead.

Thank you so much for your quick reply.I remember those early mornings,enjoy them, they’ll soon be past.

Yep, they go forward tonight, same as in the UK, one hour less sleep. Mind you our little ones will still get up at the same time but as its 8am instead of 7am, it doesn’t feel so bad actually. And then we have to put them to bed at 6pm, as they can’t hold out till 7pm, it takes a while for them to get the hang of it.
The worst part is that I can’t look outside and go, ‘ooh, it’s dark now, bedtime!’