Helping with homework in 3eme

Hi there. Any opinions? Once again we have returned from the parent - teacher meeting for my 15 year old daughter. She is struggling somewhat, and we have since spent 2 hours, trying to help with Maths homework. The homework is issued by the teacher, with no background work, for the children to figure out themselves. My (French) partner is of the opinion, that we should work on it with (for) her, so that she gets a good note. I grew up, doing my own homework, and maybe asking Dad, if I was really stuck - but he NEVER did it for me - he would only give advice on what I could try. So, my question is this: Do we sit and work out the homework, explain it to her and then have her write it out neatly, or do we get her to keep working it out, until she gets it right? (like I said - 2 adults, 2 hours...I guess longer for a struggling 15 year old) Basically, is it the note, or the know-how that matters, in 3eme? :) It's an ongoing disagreement, and I would really appreciate an outside view...even if (shock horror) my view is the minority :D

Thanks for the replies..we are now trying the homework in the dining room approach - she tries, I help, she tries, I help and suggest, she tries, and if she hasn't got it by then, I sit down and go through each step with her, explaining as I go, and then set her another example...means her homework is taking 3 hours instead of 1.5 to 2, but hopefully it will be sinking in!

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Sit with her, get her to try to work it out, and perhaps the odd hint?