Her name or our Names

(Patrick O'brien) #21

It all depends. If you want to ensure that she gets it without problems if you should die , then what you have done is OK (especially if you have children from a previous relationship , and she has not). However, if you have put a lot of your own money into the purchase , and you separate at some future time, you might be able to recoup some of your money , but only after complex legal action.
If you buy in “indivision” then you can specify how much of the house you each own in proportion of the money you each put in. Then if you sell , for any reason , you can each take your contribution without hassle. The problem with this comes if one of you dies , and depends on what “reseved heirs” -children and parents- the deceased has . You can each will your parts to your partners, but “reserved heirs” can dispute the will , and even if this is not a problem , the survivor will pay 60% tax on the value of the part they receive . In the case where you buy 100% in your partner’s name , you would pay 60% tax on the whole value , if she should die.
All things being equal , I would think seriously about marriage , if I were you.

(Graham Lees) #22

I don’t see how that works tbh.
There is no inheritance tax to pay between married (or PACsed) partners in respect of the principal residence IIRC

(Patrick O'brien) #23

I was replying to the OP who is not married or PACsed.

(David Horsfall) #24

Thank you to all that have replied, I have emailed the Notaire and mentioned En Tontine so lets see what they suggest.

(Robert Hird) #25

Dear Dave,
Please consider getting married in some form or other. A friend of ours has recently lost her partner and the house and car were all in his name. It cost her some 50,000 euros in Inheritance tax, they even charged her for his old car. Perhaps get some advice on forming a civil partnership or similar. Good Luck.

Bob and Sandra Hird.

(David Horsfall) #26

HI All, Update on the subject because i know your all dying to know what’s happening.
The Notaire has told us that we need start the buying process again in order to add the En Tontine, then another 10 days cooling off period etc etc. Bearing in mind we hope to complete on the 15 May 2018.
So Stella looks like you will be needing that new hat. I think what I am saying is that a wedding will be on the cards.

(stella wood) #27

:hugs: :upside_down_face::thinking: