Spotted in today's Guardian:

...reports have surfaced that a tree Plato apparently sat under has been chopped down for firewood.

Greeks, desperate to find fuel to stay warm because they can’t afford heating oil that has been hit with big tax increases, have been taking to the woods and even city parks to cut down trees and now authorities said someone has felled the olive tree under which Plato sat in ancient times.

Police said they believe at least two people cut down the famous tree because it was massive and heavy. Some residents of the area reportedly said that homeless people cut the tree, while others allege that a group of gypsies did it.

Plato’s Olive Tree, was said to be a remnant of the grove within which Plato’s Academy was situated, which would make it approximately 2,400 years old.

Blimey, next thing we know scrap merchants will be having the Eiffel Tower away!

Not just as a blessing, but might keep scrap dealers from calling here long after they've had the lot from us already!

Dismantling the Eiffel Tower would surely count as a blessing.

You had one too! Ours was, would you credit, Mr Thrasher! He was doing what his name implied with slipper and cane frequently and mad as a meat axe. As you may guess, each and every one of us loved classics :-(

Plato would have thought about it very carefully. Indeed δέντρο would be one of those highly important books with us to this day!

There is a general lack of respect for most things that have no real monetary value nowadays. We will have to be stoic about it!