Hi a single woman, moving to France with her Cat!

I am looking at moving within the next 6 months to France. I am looking for work and accommodation, if anyone needs an extra pair of hands either, cleaning, cooking or caring for animals. I am 41 and I come with a cat too! I have no idea where to move to so will be the luck of the draw. I would need to be near transport links, shops etc as I do not drive. Any info and help would be great. Please also add me as a friend as I will need lots of those too.

Many thanks


Bless you
I don’t mind, its exciting and will wake my body and mind up. I hit 40 so I blame that for being brave lol. I rent here off the council so won’t lose a home as to speak. Plus I can always rent again, no hardship there. I have always enjoyed traveling and the last place was Croatia a couple of months ago and I didn’t want to come back. I was helping a run down dog shelter :frowning: I did manage to raise about £500 for them and took lots of supplies with me and also bought more out there. I am more worried about my cat getting lost than anything else lol. I am working 2 cleaning jobs to save as much as I can so I can at least pay rent for a month or two. :wink:

Hi Liz
Thanks love, that means a lot. I don’t mind failing so long as I gave it my best. All I will do is get back on the horse and try it again. I love traveling solo, would be nice to have a boyfriend though to sip coffee with. I want to rescue animals, so will work as whatever I can to achieve this. I am not into flash cars, handbags etc I prefer a walk in the woods or take in an art gallery so I don’t need lots of money.
I always say only monkeys climb ladders, I’d rather be at the bottom catching the fruits. So you go and join your husband and dog and have a fab life. Don’t forget to add me as a friend as i will need lots. Thanks again oh and let me know if you need a dog sitter, cleaner, gardening etc :wink: lyn

Hi Lyn

I am going soon and to join my husband, so not really in your situation. he has been living in France, on his own (with our dog) for over a year now. Of course I visit him but most of the time he is on his own. He manages OK with the day to day stuff and has dealt with the paperwork - car, doctors etc.

You had some good advice on your other thread. Dont worry you will always get negative people telling you not to do it. A lot of people will tell me I am mad giving up a well paid job to do this but you only live once. Whats the worst that can happen? You decide to go back to the Uk? So what, at least you had the adventure. I always tell people the boat goes both ways.

Just to say I think you are very brave not sure I could do what you are proposing to do on my own maybe I am just feeble. Anyway good luck in your ventures.