Hi - just a brief introduction to our family!

Angela: english teacher to adults with Westmill, in companies in the Somme. Originally from Bath, southwest England

Alain-Corneille: moniteur éducateur at an ESAT (residential work structure for adults with social/learning difficulties)Originally from Oyem, northern Gabon.

Hannah, & Elise: our ten year old twin daughters. Born in Amiens, where we have lived since 1998. Starting collège (secondary school) in the autumn; any advice welcome for this.

Abigail: Our 6 yr old, also born in Amiens.

Look forwards to ‘meeting’ you!

Thanks Catherine, yes they are…2 away on summer camp at the moment so just the smallest at home; it’s such a slower pace; unbelievable.

Hi Angela - the network is much quieter than usual in the summer hols but you’ll find lots of mums back on line come la rentree! There’s also a group for parents on SFN - Franglais Kids - you can find it in the social tab at the top of the page - your girls look gorgeous by the way! Cx