Hi just sending pics

Painting in oils of a hallway with dining room chair and our leather chair. Still continuing the chair theme.

Just starting to give drawing and drawing lessons based on experience of painting as I have very little experience of teaching though I have a fine art degree; but so far the two students haven't run away and are very pleased with their work. Mind you I am lucky to have two very motivated people.

Wish you luck to all those painting today.



Just checked out the chairs in the Jardins de Luxembourg - wonderful. They have given me some inspiration. Going to the beach soon with my partner who loves beaches so I will be checking out the deck chairs!

Thank you so much! I hope so,

There are photographers who continually do photos of the chairs in the Jardins de Luxembourg, carefully posed those chairs take on the characteristics of people, each, in its placement, has a different character than the others. I think you are arriving at the same differentiation.

People tell me sometimes to put figures in or a cat on a chair but I have only got as far as a cat in one and a book on a table in front of a chair in another. I love the simplicity and tonal aspects of both Gwen Johns work and Morandi. I think of the images as portraits of chairs.

Your chairs are marvelous. I had been thinking about doing more interiors. However, I will probably have figures in them. I have painted specialized in portraits and figurative works since I was a child. I do paint/draw other subject matter but I always go back to the human form. I am so glad you have joined this group. I love to see other artist's work.