Highland Cathedral - André Rieu style

I’m a great fan of André Rieu… would love to be at one of his concerts.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do… Put this onto full screen, turn up the volume and just sit back…

My Mum loves him and I’m hoping I can get her to one of his concerts if it can coincide with me either being back in the UK or her being here. It might well be the last concert she goes to as she hurtles towards 90 so fingers crossed!

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Friends who have met him tell me he is really nice… not at all a just-for-show chap… but very genuine.

His shows are always excellently produced and I do hope you get your Mum to see him live … and… don’t forget age is just a number …and 90 could well be “just the beginning”… :hugs:

His concerts are magnificent, Stella, and he lives up to his TV persona ‘in the flesh’. My wife and I went one of his spectacles in Maastricht a few years back, real show-biz event outdoors, starting as the sun sets and ending under the stars. And Maastricht was a perfect setting, a lovely walkable town and friendly people, nestling in the heart of Europe.

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I lived only a short distance from Maastricht for half my life. It’s a lovely town and very European being in Holland with Flemish speaking Belgium a stone’s throw to the west, French speaking Belgium to the south and Germany close on the eastern side. The local Limburg dialect is an interesting mix. It has a wonderful Natural History Museum, an thriving university, beautiful buildings, good shops and lively nightlife.
It was a horrible place to travel past heading north or south but hopefully the ambitious bypass will be completed now.

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