Hike in TVA rates from 1.01.2012

Hi can anyone out there tell me if this is true -

a friend is having new windows fitted but this cannot be done until beginning of January. At the moment the tva rate is 5.5% but this is due to increase from 1st Jan.

The supplier says he can raise the invoice now but unless the money is actually in his account by 31st Dec he will then have to add the extra tva to the invoice. My take was that if the invoice is raised now, with the 5.5%, surely that should be what she pays whether she pays it now or later. Any ideas on this please...........

Hi Tracy, I will be delighted to send you our details and I am in the process of refining our "words", but the photos will have to wait, as Jim is in the process of building the kitchen, which will be a kitchen for cooks. The main rooms will all have oak parquet, which Jim has to put down. Although we call it the "Little House" it is about 90 sq.metres, has two beamed bedrooms, each with en-suite shower rooms, the kitchen and a living dining room. TThere are fabulous countryside views.There is a heated pool across the courtyard. All the building work has been done, our daughter and her family have slept there and eaten with us.

I think that alhough you don't consider yourself an-ex-pat, the French probably do. Both the French and the Germans have dedicated senators with special responsibility for for their non-residents. With things as they are at the moment, I just think that we should be properly represented somewhere. I know that french nationality laws are being tightened, they want all applicants to be able to speak the language equivalent to somneone aged 15.

Our friend who does the tours for Americans is in a bit of a limbo at the moment, as her boss, who was American, has just died and she is in the process of sorting out much of the papers he left behind. She says that she will be back on track for 20013.

We would be delighted if you could manage a visit to South Burgundy, although we can't promise to be boring.

Hi Jane, I'm with you on targeted advertising and it is great that you have so many contacts. Please send me your details when you have them so I can pass them on to my contacts, it's what makes the world go round.

I haven't really paid much attention to the votes for ex-pats as I don't consider myself one I'm afraid. I have lived and worked here far more than the UK so would much rather have a vote here, as it is where I live. I appreciate that for many members of SFN it is very important so I do wish you all the best. My worry at the moment is the new French laws being tightened up about nationality. They are talking about children born here not being entitled to French nationality automatically at 18, despite having lived here all their lives. That would leave my kids in limbo, being British but never having lived there and not being French even though they have never lived anywhere else.

At least life is never boring, that's my New Years wish - for a bit of boredom :-)

All the best and don't forget to send me your details.

Hi Tracy,

We don't have a site, we have many contacts, e.g Headmistress of one of the best independent girls' schools in UK, our fund managers have said that they will add our details to their newsletter, contacts to Australians in Paris and Sydney, also contacts in Munich and Florida and, of course, my friend who does the tours with the Americans. I will also pass your details on to an American friend who lives in and runs a blog on Southern Burgundy. She has also said that she will put my details on her blog. I think targeted advertising is much preferable, especially if you have a niche product. We are going to e-mail them with a pdf giving details of the "Little House" and which also gives a circular tour and they have agreed to pass it to their contacts.

Feel free, when we are ready, to give our details to any of your clients who may wish to come down to the Maconnais and Beaujolais! I will make sure you have them.

I am already a member of Lay my Hat forum, but I have not yet seen anything definite about how the TVA rates will affect you if you are an AE,who is not supposed to have any dealings with TVA. It is a can of worms.

By the way have you seen the site votes-for-expat-Brits? As you probably know, we lose our right to vote in national elections after fifteen years, whilst both Germany and France have special senators who represent the special problems faced by their ex-pat citizens. I have added my name.

As you say, all the best for the New Year, I have a feeling that we may need it.

That sounds great Jane, thanks, I like to link up with other professionals as it's hard running a business. I'm going to visit Vezelay in the next couple of months as it is somewhere I will be adding to my offerings but from a historical point of view as opposed to a religious one. I have visited it several times but many years ago - my friend did the pilgrimage from there a few years back.

Can you send me the link to your site, I can't seem to find it.

With regards to tax regimes there are a whole host of options for gites - are you a member of www.laymyhat.com, they have a section specific to France and have some very helpful info.

All the best for the New Year.


We really need to know which tax regime will be the most advantageous, bearing in mind that we are retired.

I have looked at your web page and what you are offering is just the sort of thing which we want to add to the list of things to do for the guests at our Little House. I also have a very good friend who takes Americans round the religious sites in France and I am sure that some of them will be interested as well. I will pass your site details on to her. They have a second home near Vezelay.

Hi Jane,

No, not an accountant but have done lots of book-keeping. We don't use an accountant yet but we are hoping to in the New Year so when I am looking I will ask if they speak English and let you know.

@ Tracy,

Are you an accountant, or can you recommend a good one who also speaks english. If you remember, we live in the south of 71.


The definitive answer fell in the inbox this morning! All the details can be found here, including which rate applies when - very organised!

Nice idea but very much doubt it, best answer is to go teh Hotel des Impots then. Thats like saying that the Inland Revenu regs apply when you fill in your French tax declaration. Experience shows that it will always be different in France.

Morning. This was guidance given in UK for 2011 hike...prob pretty similar in France this time round.


Your supplier has to pay all his charges, taxes etc based on the day the bill is paid, therefore unless you pay the bill before the end of the year, you will have to pay the increased rate of TVA.