Hilary Mantel portrait - good or bad?

The picture, which is the only depiction of a living author publicly displayed in the library, was created by 25-year-old artist Nick Lord, who was awarded the commission after being crowned Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of the Year in 2013.

I think it is old-fashioned and her face seems to be the shape of a balloon.![](upload://33vA59doU1xBVdsr9XLBb6YtcpT.jpg)![](upload://mLfqqSiSKHXQxCG3T1efcTlA7TN.jpg)

The painting is a great rendering of the author. I love the triangular composition formed by her head and hands. The color choice of just blues and yellows is effective.

Yes, there are some weaker areas, but overall it is a very nice painting.The scarf is dominating, but that is what she choose to wear. In the photograph she is equally 'disappearing' or hiding behind her heavily patterned scarf. I like how the drips continue into the fringes of the scarf.

Although I very much like the rendering of the scarf and the drip lines in the unfinished area of the painting, the scarf has wound up looking like the focal point of the portrait. I agree that her face is too round and I believe her neck looks too thick. It also bothers me that her right hand and arm are noticeably smaller than her left hand and arm. The left hand and arm are too big in proportion to her body. Just my humble opinion.

I agree,I think her jaw line is a bit messy,though difficult to see to be certain.I looked him up,I like some of his paintings,certainly gives me hope looking at his backgrounds as I never know what to do with them either....He's doing well though, £12,000 plus for a painting.