Hip Operation

Best wishes to Phil, hope he has care and treatment as good as I received, having my replacement in the Hospital in Redon 'twas excellent :+1:

My grannie had her hip replaced at 95 and that was forty years ago.
She said that she preferred to have the surgery rather than spend the rest of her life in bed, which apparently was the alternative.
Both obviously stubborn folk.
Let’s hope it all goes well.

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It’s made a huge difference to my life, didn’t realise how much mobility I had lost. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know Phillips op’ went well, hope he dosen’t get the ‘rollockings’ off his surgeon, I get off mine, for not walking enough after the op’. Off to see Him tomorrow, He is a very nice man, btw :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely not one word of criticism from ‘The Man’ today, don’t have to go back for 6mths, it will be a different Doc’, this one is retiring, nice to have the opportunity to thank Him and wish Him a Bon Retraite :slightly_smiling_face:

Bill, I had a hip replaced in Jan’17. First check-up at three months then a year and the next one is not for five years, have you had any problems?

Only problem, bollockings from the surgeon for not walking enough :slightly_smiling_face: but in my defence the weather has not been conducive to ‘rambling’. Had the op, early Oct 17, Ive had monthly checks and x rays since, but 6months ‘til next one. All went smoothly, in hosp’ for 8days, then daily visit by the local nurse, at home for a jab and to put my sexy socks on. The care has been fantastic, I had the op’ in Redon, the surgeon has a great reputation, so I was keen to have him do it before He retires in June. Until now, I hadn’t realised how immobile I was becoming before the op’. I take it all’s well with You Tim’?

My op went perfectly, I was only in for three days and was just told to walk, walk and walk afterwards.

New hip’s fine the other one will need doing in a couple of years or so, my fault for doing so much sport!

Recon it was boats that did for mine, plus falling off my M’bike in Portugal didn’t help :roll_eyes:
Just cut the grass, that gets it working too! :slightly_smiling_face:
No probs with the other :crossed_fingers:

once everything is mending nicely… it is such a relief to get on with ordinary things… :relaxed:

Absolutely Stella, wonderful, thanks French Health System :+1: