Hip replacement recall

Is there anyone who is having a problem 're Stryker hip implants. Have seen my surgeon and had a letter from lawyers acting for Stryker . I have high levels of cobalt and chromium but no one seems know what I should do about this. I am sure I am not the only person with this problem so would appreciate contact with any other sufferers.

I had my hip done in the UK in 2006 (under BUPA no longer in BUPA).

I have recently seen the consultant. The replacement manufacturers have put funds aside for all their recipients to have an annual check and for remedial action if this is required,

Jean, how long ago did you have your replacement and which clinic, reason I am asking is I had one done in 2003 in the Polyclinic in Laval. I moved back to Ireland in 2011 so this is the first I have heard about any potential problems. I don't know what make or type of prosthesis I had but so far all seems to be good with mine

Jean you will need to add me as a friend.

Jean I am private messaging you as I have a lady who is willing to help you with this problem and I will pass on her details.