Hiring a car abroad - post-Brexit British driving licence

I’m hiring a car for a holiday in Greece. My driving license is a UK one, photocard still in date for a good while yet, and I’m resident in France, so the address on my photocard is my old UK one which obviously doesn’t match my French address. Just wondering if anybody has ever had problems with this while hiring abroad.

Not in Spain and its islands but you will probably download your driving history sheet from DVLA to carry with you as well.

I’ve not done so abroad but I’ve hired cars back in Blighty since moving over to France. Like you, I still have a UK driving licence (until next year in my case).

I’ve always given the hire car company my French address when booking, and never had issues so far. They just seemed to check the photo and the expiry date. As @Corona says, you’ll need the DVLA “check code”.

I went to Mallorca in June and hired a car without issue in a similar situation.

I have a valid UK drivers license (issued after 1st Jan 2021) with my old UK address. I hired with Enterprise and used my current address in France, mentioning that I’m a French resident and there were no issues.

I do acknowledge though that according to the UK Gov advice, I need to exchange my UK license online to be able to drive in France as i’ve lived here for over a year.