HM, how is she celebrating?

Today marks the day Her Majesty celebrates being the longest serving monarch in the UK.

How do you think she is celebrating ?

My guess is she, Phil, Charles & Camilla are having a fish 'n chip supper later followed by a few pints whilst having a karaoke at Sandringham.

Brian - you've just been nominated for the Guinness Book of Records !!!

Whoa! The silence is deafening!

I shall remain silent...

Probably listening to her favourite record. A joke which I heard at prep school immediately after her accession to the throne and which I won't repeat here. Wham, bang and thank you Mam!

By now I should hope she's on her third G and T after the tiring business of opening a so-called "new" railway in Scotland. Pity she didn't make the same mistake as Mr Huskisson.

Go on man, spit it out !

Off with his head! Oh, no, that was Alice in Wonderland wasn't it.

I won't say anything that I'd be likely lynched for.

She looks about 17 there, bless her, our 'Elizabeth 1st'. She's certainly had to maintain her public regal demeanour over the years - quite an extraordinary feat in itself.

Valerie, in your opinion has ANY official stamp like yours ever shown any resemblance to HM ?

I'm not particularly a royalist but I do admire the lady and long may she reign.

I should hope she's sitting on a comfy sofa with her feet up, a glass of sherry in hand thinking, "Blimey, hasn't time flown". And, technically, the stamp is wrong ... should really say second.