HMRC correspondence backlog FYI

If (like me) you’re waiting on HMRC for a response to tax return, and/or refund claim, HMRC told me today that there is quite a significant backlog in correspondence building up, apparently due to post-covid staffing shortages.

For example today they are only processing letters/returns etc received on or before 14 May (!). The backlog is estimated at between 5-7 months. I was told my tax return submitted in July would be replied to - in February (2023!).

This backlog might be problematic for those French residents waiting on refunds from new sources of income such as UK pensions, which continue to have PAYE withheld, whilst waiting, and waiting for HMRC to issue an NT (no tax) code.

This topic gives a possible other explanation…

Strangely, I was in exactly this situation this year, having payed emergency tax on a largeish sum drawn down from my UK pension as a first withdrawal, so new source. I was told to expect a long delay in repayment, but it was processed and a refund made before the end of April. I was gobsmacked.

Similar for me, a refund on tax deducted from interest on a lump sum due to a complete dogs dinner created by the ‘Pru’
They deducted 20% as they should because they did not know my tax status. Posted my form off to HMRC nine weeks ago, today got an email pointing me to the HMRC app - refund approved and cheque in the post.

This years S1’s to start September came though quick - applied 13/8, they arrived just before september (in UK) - posted 24/8. Now just to lodge them with CPAM…

Do you have an annual S1?

Yes at the mo - from HMRC national insurance as a frontalier.

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Ah yes. Being retired alleviates that chore :slightly_smiling_face:

I came across this news article indicating there’s an HMRC service ‘dashboard’ - some stuff is indicating 70 days. May be useful for the OP and others…

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