Hobbies, wott're yours?

Mine, collecting ‘junk’, model wooden boat building, visit to the local, just for a chat, now and then, the garden.
Now the house/cowshed, is ‘sort of’ finished, househusbanding, whilst Babeth is out, earning the ‘bread’ to supplement my paltry pensions.
So, pretty busy really :slightly_smiling_face:
Any ideas for occupational therapy :wink:
Wott U up to?

In the winter I research the family tree, other than that I have no hobbies as such but I do need something as a break from work. Any ideas (other than sport)?

I knit. I make socks for my grandsons and sweaters for myself.
I also knit pretty things for freind’s little girls.
I read a lot too.


Maybe get a dog and walk him/her to the pub? :slightly_smiling_face: When I was working I sailed a lot Tim, so boat maintainance took up a lot of time, culminating in building a 44 ft 22ton one, that consumed even more time, I was also into photography, and when younger rock climbing and swimming; Lucky to retire at 50 :smiley:

Btw, my Dentist has the ultimate hobby, He has built a plane in His garage, incredible, it’s now flying, visited during the build, a skilled chap, incredible acheivment :+1:


This is the same as my Dentists, ‘get away from it all’ creation :smiley:


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Don’t have time for hobbies Bill, there aren’t enough hours in the day :wink:
I am an insomniac (aghhhhhh) and at 3 am I am very often sitting in front of a canvas with my paints at the ready. When not painting at 3 am, I am studying/researching Lithotherapy and now have a lovely collection of stones and crystals and am putting together lots of information.
I am also interested in the uses of Essential oils and have found them to be very useful.
Love walking and cycling but can’t do a lot of either at the moment as I am still recovering after a little accident.
I play the drums, but again not at the moment, and I can’t live without music and books.
Gardening and DIY feature heavily too … when did I ever find time to go to work :slight_smile:
Now that mum is becoming more ‘fragile’ and needs more care I have stopped my work with local associations. I can honestly say that I am never bored…love watching and trying to identify birds and butterflies too. :slight_smile:

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Bravo Ann, I’m not often bored for long, can always find a job to do in an old house, love watching the birds in the garden, just had a good din’ on the terrace, watching them hoppin’ about :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. List item

Two teckel rescues keep us fit … puff, pant … Last summer we were introduced to the ukulele. Was looking at setting up a club as there are none around here but don’t know where to start …

I go to a craft club at the local mairie on Friday afternoons with a small group of ladies where we mainly do embroidery or cartonnage, but scrapbooking is popular and I make greetings cards both there and at home!

Husband has a motorbike or two so when the weather is favourable we head out on a balade to discover new places. He’s also into his woodwork and makes small furniture items or ornamental tat! He’s also made bridges and benches for the garden.

The garden keeps us busy especially now … damn those weeds!!


I’m into everything, so no hobbies as such… OH’s hobby is… “cars” … and I support him wholeheartedly… :relaxed:

This is a Cortina based Merlin… yes, a kit-car, but with enough of the donor (our old Cortina) to retain the registration_ :hugs:_ and the V5 lists it as Merlin, so perhaps we could have brought it to France after all… :thinking: too bad… he sold it rather than risk any hassle…


That is nice! :+1:
A friend in Scotland had a ‘Gilburn’, that was an amazing, understatement!!!

OH spent several years building it…went like a dream… wonderful sound…and the wind in our hair (yes, we both had long hair in those days… :wink: )

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I had ‘more’ hair’ a while ago Stella :wink: Only experience of renovating a car, was helping do this one, the reward, was unlimited ‘use of’ when I could afford to put the ‘juice’ in it, 10mpg on a good day was a bit pricey! :wink:


My friend, found this in a rhododendron bush, in SW Scotland, with a ‘con rod’ through the side of the block, it featured in an artical by Tony Dron, when it was new, and again by him in Classic Car, after the renovation, sadly my Mate is now gone :heart:

Hobbies? Too many methinks… Work keeps getting in the way!!!

  1. Motorhoming : Flo and I have owned this one for 10 years now and we have travelled all over Western Europe with it :-

Then there is the Daimler :-

The radio-controlled boats :- This one is 7 feet long…


And motorcycles : - This is one of four…


And soon…making a home in France :slight_smile:



Great, nothing like living life to the full … Your home to be looks lovely too, live the dream and go, go go. Look forward to seeing photos of and hearing of your progress when you move here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Ann!! We are so much looking forward to moving over permanently, but that will be 5 years in the future at the moment. Meanwhile, Just to get the home in our possession later this year will be excitement enough for now!

Love the Car, Boat and Bike Carl, last bike was a Yam XT 600, Babeth reckons I’m far past, being able to bounce, to a’ve 'nother :thinking: probably right :grinning:

I had a motorized three-wheeler once upon a time… :thinking:

and I could certainly do with stabilizers now …:roll_eyes:


Cheers Bill - You’re never too old to ride my friend!!! Life is too short as it is not to enjoy the good things. When the bike becomes too heavy to pick up, get a lighter bike…when that becomes too heavy, hang up the leathers and enjoy the memories :-):sunglasses: