Hola selling data on its users

Yesterday I received an email from UnoTelly (the VPN I use in France & Cyprus).

I have copied it below for information for anyone who uses Hola.

Copy of email from UnoTelly below

If something is free, do you trust it?

The Verge recently reported that a browser plugin called Hola is selling users’ Internet connection to third parties via their Luminati brand. Opening up your Internet connection to third parties represents a number of risks, including the potential to have your connection used for hacking and illegal activities.

At UnoTelly, we care about our customers and are committed to providing a quality, secure service. We would never sell our users’ data or Internet connection to a third party. We are very thankful to all of our loyal customers that understand the value and security that we provide.

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Team UnoTelly

Nothing is ever free!

I asked UnoTelly for more information and the answer was that “in most cases it was just the email address”. Not sure what happened in the rest!

As I don’t use Hola I haven’t followed this up. I suggest you contact UnoTelly via their efficient support service and ask them for more details.

I think this is false information. What do they mean exactly “selling your internet connection”? As far as I know you need to sit in my house to use my connection. I can quite believe selling email addresses but doesn’t everyone? It was noticeable how much spam French email I got after flying with Air France.