Holder of CdS andTravelling in the schengan area

I am a holder of a 10 year CdS, and want to know about travelling in my motorhome in the Schengan countries.

You are entitled to without visas, subject to time limits I think, but make sure to always have your passport with you, even though it is unlikely to be asked for.

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Your CDS is only valid in France. It gives no privilages in otyher EU countries except if you want to move permanently to another EU country, in which case you can move, but must apply for a residence permit for that country within 90 days.
Travelling in other Schengen countries, you are limited to 90 days in 180 days, as all other 3rd country citizens.


Another one for the Brexit bonus list!!!

Yes, but you don’t need a visa if you have CdS, but can be asked to show a passport. So a French CdS does have value in this regard.

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The CDS is not a valid form of ID, except in France. Elsewhere you will need your passport.

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For 90 days no-one needs a visa. CdS makes no difference.
The advantage is that if you want to move to another EUCountry you can just do so, and then apply for your residence permit during the first 90 days.

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So what do you need a visa for? I thought the various visitors from UK keep talking about them, no interest to me personally of course.

The reason I am puzzled is because I read this:

Schengen Visa - Comprehensive information about EU Visa


A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that allows a person to travel to any member of the Schengen Area, per stay up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes.

‎Who Needs and Who Doesn’t… · ‎Tourist Visa · ‎Schengen Visa Statistics · ‎Visa Fees

Very strange. :thinking:

There is a Schengen Visa and a Schengen Visa exemption, in that you don’t actually need to apply for a visa, it is an automatic allowance to visit the Schengen area.
People from certain countries (the UK is in this group of countries) visiting the Schengen area are automatically granted the 90 days in 180 visa exemption.
There are people from other countries who do not get this visa waiver and have to apply for a Schengen Visa for any visit.

OK, so basically if you are from an Asian or African country you need a visa, unless you already have a French CdS, is that right?

Make me wonder what all those UK residents were blathering on about then. :roll_eyes:

There was a period where everything seemed quite fraught, and although we had been here a while before Brexit we still felt a bit unsure. But once the negotiations had progressed a bit further it seemed fairly clear that second home owners could still come here quite easily - either 90/180 days or by spending €99 on a 6 month visa.

My suspicions were that the main complainers were those who had been living under the radar, living here but not paying tax, joining health system etc etc

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I understand that now, but it isn’t so long ago now that someone on here told us authoritively that a CdS absolved us of needing a visa for Germany for instance, though not a substitute for a passport. It went completely unchallenged at the time.

Maybe a different question? If one wants to move to another country permanently a CdS does absolve you of having to get a visa in advance I believe (not planning to move so never checked!)

In 2025, having our CdSWA will surely be advantageous… as we won’t need the ETIAS for wandering through Schengen etc hurrah… :wink:

EDIT: I’ve deleted the non-official site-link …

That’s not an official EU website, but this one is -

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excellent… ! ( I just grabbed the first thing I read… which confirmed what we’d discussed ages ago…)

Much rather have the Official Site and I believe it says the same thing… about Schengen Visas and ETIAS etc… ???