Holiday in france living in Deux-Sevres

I was told by one company that because of a governmental decree I would not get a refund for 18 months.
This decree was only passed some weeks after I had paid a large deposit. The original Terms and conditions were that I could cancel at a loss of 50e if cancellation was made 60 days in advance of start of holiday. Since when did France allow retrospective legislation ??

I don’t think it counts as retrospective legislation, but over-riding legislation which is allowable in a state of emergency. Lots and lots of complains about this from holiday home, trains, planes etc etc.

Push the company hard to get what you want as it is supposed to be by agreement only, and if you don’t agree you should be refunded.

Hi. I read that there was to be no holiday traffic until after July 24th? You might want to check that out for your guests.

Could you post a link please, thanks.

Hi …Thank you for that thoughtful reply. I appreciate it. It looks like your advice to “push hard” will be needed. I have to say airbnb have fully refunded us for a 6/7 week rental in 2 places in France.

Well we’ve been giving people back their money without being pushed as it seems morally wrong to keep it. But it seems that in some places where there is an agent between the client and the owners of the holiday homes the agents are being less respectful and making it very difficult. If it’s a big Agency you might find there’s a lot about them on twitter or trustpilot that you can add your weight to.

Hello again. Thanks for your ideas about trustpilot. I will certainly do that. You have been very helpful.
I have written to Poplidays again. I await with interest their response to dealing with 74 year old who has had major open heart surgery, a 72 year old who had medical issues also, and an 87 year old who has a heart pace maker. They referred me to the Vacances and Tourism Mediation in Paris. Web site I see has no phone no email and is all in French.
J’adore les francais et leur pays…mais cette histoire n’est pas bon. Merci de votre assistance Jane et a bientot. Bien cordialement. Derek