Holiday in france living in Deux-Sevres

Hi all does anybody know what the situation is regarding money paid as deposit for holiday in early June
it is within the 100 kilometres after lockdown is over do I pay the rest? thank you in advance

I do not remember seeing that holiday’s were permitted within the 100km radius offer. As I recall, the 100km limit was also ‘within the department’.

I believe it’s 100 km from your home.

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It was clarified yesterday that you can leave your department as long as stay within the 100km radius. But check with your hosts. We have people due to come in June and have told them not to pay yet until we are clear that we are allowed to be open.

We are in the same situation as Jane - guests hoping to arrive on June 20th. We’ve told them that they can make a decision right up to the last minute and not to pay until then.

I wonder if there will be restrictions between Departments… of different colours/dangers.

I understand that Maires will have discretion to impose their own “local” restrictions depending on their “local” conditions… even if their Department is “green”.

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This morning’s interview on RMC between JJ Bourdin and the Undersecretary for Tourism didn’t reveal any indications that movement would be limited to one’s dept of residence, but that 100km from home would be the limit. Having said that, even that degree of freedom is under scrutiny pending the evolution of the health situation over the course of May.

Hi thank you for all your replies just did not know whether to pay the rest of the money for the Holiday will just have to wait and see

Well I’ve had a car stranded in Nice airport park since March 1st so I’ll be making the 85.25km trek their on the 11th different department or not :zipper_mouth_face: No discount for it having been stranded either :frowning_face:

You shouldn’t have an issue unless you’re crossing different health zones.

No, I think we’re all green down here but it is getting a bit complicated.

What about Nice?

I’ve only seen maps by department, not by city or subdivision of a department. Nice airport is only five minutes off the A8 on my side of the City so I don’t need to travel through any urban areas.

Well that seems terribly unfair, quite atrocious under present circumstances. I’d be inclined to cripple the barrier and just drive away. Though I’d not be likely to act on the inclination unless I could get away with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We WERE green on the TV Thursday night but we’re orange today in the Figaro :roll_eyes: But so is Alpes-Maritimes so car rescue mission is still a “go”.

I’m still not clear about significance of red/orange/green. You can go 100km radius, and you can cross departmental boundaries, but where does it say you can’t cross colour boundaries? I had somehow got in my head that the colours were more about when schools might open, and other facilities?

Jane… As has been posted elsewhere… there are several maps of France… each to dowith a different aspect.

One of the maps shows Deconfinement and the colours relate to the probability of Deconfinement actually being adopted … yes, possibly, no… Green, Orange, Red…

these colours will be changing on a daily basis… as and when good/bad results are received…

It is still not certain that Deconfinement will happen… on 11th May… but some areas are looking good…

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I’m just reading the article in Figaro… I’ll get back to you with the low down :slightly_smiling_face:

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situation as of last night…

The differences between red and green don’t seem too drastic for a retired old fart like me.
Green departments can “open crèches, parks and gardens, “small museums”, certain nature sites and colleges”. In red ones “certain shops” or “outdoor locations” will remain closed.
However, primary schools will reopen from 11 May, regardless of the colour and cafés, restaurants, cinemas, beaches and large shopping centres will remain closed until at least June 2nd throughout France. Even then festivals and sporting events over 5,000 people will still be banned.

It seems either colour gets to travel 100k without an attestation from May 11th. I’ll have a car fired up and the gate open at 23:59 on the 10th. I’ve missed out on not being able to take advantage of the empty roads around here.