Holiday pay problem

Hi everyone

I am in the need of some assistance with a little problem.

In January 2010 I started working here in France for an English owned building company. I signed a contact for 6 months and received pay slips every month. In November I sign a permanent contract . In this first 6 months I did not take any paid holiday.

In February 2011 I asked my boss if I could go self-employed and he agreed. The date was set for 17th April.

Unfortunately on 5th April I had a serious accident and was hospitalized and had to have 3 months off work but it still went ahead for me to go self-employed on the 17th. All the time I worked for the company I never took any paid holiday.

I finally received all the appropriate paperwork, one month later including the blue and grey holiday form which was electronically filled in. I took this form into the Pole Emploi office where I was told it was not filled in correctly and to get another one properly filled in from my ex employer. I gave my ex boss the form and he said he would sort it out.

Unfortunately the accountant, who deals with all the company paperwork, was very ill and travelled from here to Belgium every weekend to get treatment. He spent all August away and eventually died, which is very sad.

The problem is that I have emailed my ex boss on many occasion to see if he has sorted out the situation only to be fobbed off by some excuse.

Is there any governing body I can turn to to help me?

Or does anybody know what I should do next?

I suggest you contact Guillaume Barlet via his page here



That would be great if you could James.


If you like Neil I can put you in touch with a solicitor who can send a letter for you, often that's all it takes to oil the wheels.