Holiday refunds

Hi folks - we are booked for our annual visit to La Belle France in late August to yet again bemoan the fact that family responsibilities keep us living in the UK…

We have part paid Gites de France for our accomodation in The Pyrenees and will likely be asked for the balance in June. Because the make up of our party was not finalised I had not taken out any insurance. Silly with hindsight but I couldn’t really truthfully complete the form!

Anyway assuming no health issues in between has anyone any helpful knowledge?

Are we likely to be able to come if we don’t get a second wave?
Can we ask for and expect a refund?
If not can we insist on a deferrment to next year?

I know we live in uncertain times but it is hard to judge the situation just by dipping into France 24 and i hope someone on the ground has better knowledge.


Hi Steve and welcome to the forum…

If you check under the Coronavirus headings… you will see that this is ongoing discussion…

I am listening to the French Senate debate things… and we should know more in a few days…

however, these are difficult time… worldwide… and no-one can say anything definite…it all depends on what happens… almost day by day…


Thanks Stella, stay safe!

not been out of the village for 49 days… hardly see a soul… and when I do… we keep our distance…

Same here in Glastonbury, Somerset. So grateful to have a garden and be near countryside. I am not very goog at these forum things - can you help me find the ongoing topic? :frowning:

AAAAH! Found it!


It will be clearer later this week - we hope. I have a gite and have anxious clients booked from now until October! We now feel that July won’t be possible (certainly not for international clients) but are hoping that August will be open again.

But all holiday accommodation providers have been told to try to come to a compromise. For bookings made during the confinement period we have been asked to allow people to postpone their booking to a date of their choice within next 18 months at the same price. And only after 18 months given them their money back. Which we think is rubbish, so are just giving people back their deposit.

For later bookings, some agents are also allowing people to change their booking in the same way. But if they choose to cancel instead at the moment most Gîte de France areas are keeping the deposits.

Wait until the last minute before paying any more, and perhaps even ask to defer final payment until mid-August.

(And you might find that standard travel insurance wouldn’t have paid out anyway!)

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Thanks Jane, stay safe!