Holiday seasons - help!

(Mark Rimmer) #1

This may seem a bit strange to some, but I was wondering when the main holiday season starts. Everyone talks about “off season”, “peak season” etc, but when are these? My reason for asking is that I am planning a few days away at the coast & wish to take my dog who loves the beach. Although there are a few dog-friendly beaches out there most beaches ban dogs during the “holiday season”!

(Jan Rogers) #2

According to my postie’s calendar, all French schools begin their summer break on 3 July so I think you need to scamper off quickly…once the weather improves a bit.


(Wendy Wise) #3

I would say it’s from when the French schools break up until la rentrée, but to be sure I’d phone the mairie or tourist office of the place you want to visit. If you’d like me to phone for you, let me know. Regards, Wendy