Holidaying in the Basque region

I have just returned from a perfect holiday in the Basque region and
yes the weather was great, hotels very pleasant and a little special…cooking in one restaurant was exceptional. Not our Michelin star choice in St Jean de Luz
that was interesting but failed to impress us with the choice of flavours and textures. So more than 400 euros for 4 …I for one ate very little that night.
However the Pixos/restaurant in san Sebastien was wonderful. A great friendly
atmosphere, busy, busy but attentive; we had braised ox cheak, quick toasted scallops, crab meat tart, brochette of squid,ibierica ham, slivers of beef and home
made pickle. Then for mains there was roast suckling pig…perfectly cooked but far too big a portion,

ouch…not finished. There was Hake which look great and lots of tiny lamb chops. No way could we manage pudding but would like to have tried something.
Bill for 4 with a few glasses of wine was 164 euros!
Now I will move on to the photographic images latter…they relate to a magazine and are essentialy unrelated to food. The food story was just a taster!

Where are the photos @Barbara_Deane? You can drag them in to the compose window if you like

James it is mainly about a new mag called Private view…I will ask the editor if I can g=have some pics. The first issue was for the basque coast…France. The second will be my region.



The title of your post is a little misleading without any images and being primarily about food don’t you think?

I’ve taken the liberty of renaming you post so as to be a little more accurate, hope that’s ok?!

AH but it goes on …or it will go to tell everyone about a new yearly lux mag which brings the beautiful things of the basque country to a broader market.

The photos would follow.

yes that is fine James.

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