Holidays of some of our French friends

We have this week received two separate postcards from French friends who are on holiday.

First one was from our dear part time neighbours as we call them Dominique and Martine, they own the house next door but it is a holiday home previously owned by Martines dear Mama who sadly passed away.

They have been on holiday to Mauritius over Christmas and now are visiting Ile de la Reunion which as you can see by the map below is just down and to the right of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

This is their postcard

What a beautiful place it looks

I could really do with some of that sunshine, but doesn’t it make sense that in the winter if time and money allows why don’t we go to warmer places, why should we put up with winter when there are places akin to paradise out there.

Our other friends Cathy & Christian who are farmers and work very hard went off to Courchevel,
Courchevel is perhaps known as the first French jet-set resort and one of the most luxurious destinations for skiing holidays in France and located in the Rhone Alpes region. now don’t get me wrong, I admire anyone who even dares to walk on snow but skiing now that is pure madness, your feet strapped to these long rigid things hurtling down a snow covered mountain at god knows what speed and to cap it all, no brakes, it’s the stuff of nightmares but I can understand that some people enjoy it and get a buzz from it but it is definitely not for me. anyway here is their postcard.

I think it looks really lovely, like when it snows and you love looking out of the window at it but going out into it is a different matter.
Well I hope that all of you have had a wonderful time on your very different holidays and come back totally refreshed just in time for the spring, lucky things.
Oh and thank you to both of you for thinking of us while you were away.

I could open a bottle of wine to console myself but I am taking antibiotics - drat it


  1. If you are going to ski get brakes fitted

  2. Plan to spend the winter in a warmer place