Home brew ingredient suppliers in France?

It looks like it has been a bit quiet in here of late?

Now that the dust has settled from the unpacking and the emergency floor repairs are well underway, it is time to get a brew on for summer…

I can buy my ingredients from the UK, but the delivery costs are coming out quite high ( almost as much as the ingrediets themselves!) so I am looking for suppliers in France. Not only to reduce delivery costs but also to reduce the amount of time liquid yeasts spend unrefrigerated.

I came across an online supplier called “Rolling Beers”, but is not clear if they supply their malts crushed or whole. The website is bit flaky too…

Saveur-biere.com does not have anything I want in stock, bar a base pilsener malt, and again it is not clear if the malts are crushed or not.

Can anyone recommend a good online source in France for crushed malts, yeasts and hops?

typing into google "brassez votre propre biere " seems to bring up lots of results

Thanks Florian. I had not tried those specific terms in that rder but have done a few Google searches. There are many companies , micro-breweries and larger, that offer tours and team -building days culminating in brewing your own beer, at their premises.

There are few companies supplying things like malts, and so far I have not found one that can supply crushed malts. Buying my own malt roller would reslve that, but it is an extra expense, especially to get something that is consistent.

I was looking around afew sites and came across this
it may be of use.

Sorry, joining this a bit late. I am a home brewer from California. I want to brew in France and was worried about not being able to find ingredients. In California, indeed now nationwide, good brewing supply stores are in abundance. Thanks for the reference to brassez votre propre biere. It looks like they have almost everything I need, or at least those items that I can not bring over inexpensively from the states. The one thing I am trying to work out is a kegging system. It does not appear that kegging is as common at the home brew level in France as in the U.S. But, then again, I can always go back to bottling! Again, this site has proven itself.

do you mill your own malts? Delivery costs for crushed malts are high, so I am going to have to get a mill. It seesm to me that the lower end mills are very cheaply made, ad the upper end very expensive :frowning:
The change in water has been great, no need to use camphor any more.
If you do find a keg source in France do post up here. I have ben thinking about going that way to reduce the cleaning time :slight_smile:

Hello Martin,
Yes, I actually do mill my malts, which is quite common here in the states. What is interesting to me, however, is that milling grains isn’t just included in the price. In the U.S., I’ve never heard of a company charging for milling. Most home brewers I know mill their own because they just want that bit of added control. As regards mills, I have an inexpensive, dual roller mill, that cost me approximately $100 (U.S.). Frankly, I’ve looked at a lot of lower end and high end mills, and I’m not convinced that it is worth paying a lot more. When you think about it, at the end of the day, all you want to do is hit good efficiencies from your grain. Even with my lower end mill, I’ve never had a problem hitting 75-80 percent efficiency, which is very good. By comparison, when I had my grain milled at the home brew supplies store, I generally hit from 65-75 percent. Also, I’ve had my mill for about three years and it is still functioning without a problem. So, in my honest opinion, get yourself an inexpensive mill, such as the ones I’ve seem advertised for around 120 euros-- it will work fine for home brewing purposes. As regards kegging, I’ll keep looking around when I return to France in August. In the states, we normally get our beer gas from welding supply stores. I haven’t seen one yet in France, I’m hoping that I can bring a regulator set-up from the states, and it does appear that soda kegs are sold in France, but they cost almost twice as much as in the U.S. Anyway, glad to meet you (electronically) and I’ll keep you informed as to what I find out.

Hello Martin,
One last thing I forgot to mention about mills. If you purchase one, make sure you can drive it with a power drill. You do not want to end up hand cranking 10 lbs of grain through your mill, which is both tiring and tedious. Typically, you can pull off the handle and insert the rod that holds the handle into your drill chuck-- much easier. It takes about 5 minutes to do about 10 lbs of grain. Also, the Brewferm Malt Mill advertised at 124,95 euros on the rolling-beers site appears to be identical to the one I own, so that would be my recommendation. Take care.

I do hope one of you (or both) are going to offer samples of this home brew…:relaxed::wink: