Home Educating in France

I don’t know whether you’ve come across this site, but if you haven’t it might be useful http://www.parentconcept.com/france-home-education …I came across it by accident…

Hello, can anyone help with advice for someone home schooling in the Northern Dordogne, re organisations etc for support and help and outside activities?

Obviously both you Wendy, and Julie, know quite a lot about this but for some reason can only find replies to one another and not what was actually said to start with, if you understand me! Any help either of you can give?

Sounds good Julie…have you thought about asking Catharine to include it in the SFN newsletter?

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for this information. As ever, you are a mine of information !

We have helped set up a network of parents who are homeschooling in France around the Bergerac to Marmande area.

Always good to share idea’s and support families, as it can seem a bit daunting when a family is considering home schooling as an alternative to state schools.

We meet on a weekly basis, through shared lessons and social events and invite anyone in our area to come and join us. It’s free and it is a very worthwhile network for all involved.

If anyone would like any help in the southwest of France then please do not hesitate to get in touch.