Home internet via mobile router

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody had had any experience of using a router that takes a Sim card (about 40 euro ) to provide their permanent Internet access (via a Wi Fi signal) in their home. At present, we have a wire connection (3G, and costing 35 euro a month), but for 15 euro, I can get 4G, with masses of data.

If you have a good 4G signal in the house it will be worth considering.

Do a speedtest using your phone, and compare it with one for your fixed line internet.

I don’t know what the situation is in France but some mobile operators reduce the speed of the connection for video streaming so if you do watch a lot of video via the internet (Netflix, amazon prime etc) you might want to stick to fixed line.

Thanks for that


Peter, I have a 4G Netgear wifi router that uses a SFR data sim card as an alternative to my formerly crappy 2Mb Orange landline connection.

Quite frankly, it has often been more reliable than the landline connection, but SFR will throttle the bandwidth if you do a lot of downloading with it (of anything, be it games, software applications, system updates, phone updates, etc). The downside, as with any of the wireless telecom solutions is contention ratio, i.e. the number of simultaneous users in a given radio cell trying to connect and use the available bandwidth.

Having said that, Orange has just upgraded my landline DSL connection to approx. 7Mb/s download (officially 9Mb/s), so in comparison to last month, before the upgrade, there has been generally a positive experience.

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