Home needed for two German Shepherds

(Heather Tombs) #1

Hi all,
I’m new here, wouldn’t usually have started a discussion so soon, but this is urgent. A client of mine is moving back to UK soon and can’t take her dogs with her. If you’re in Dordogne, Haute Vienne, Charente or even further afield and might be interested in taking these dogs, please get in touch. More details on my website here:


Thanks for reading,
ps if there is a more appropriate place on the site for this, would someone please let me know?
pps please don’t shoot the messenger…

(Heather Tombs) #2

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for your reply and for your welcome message. Yes please do put the link on facebook and thanks for tweeting it too. Anyone else reading please also spread the word and feel free to publish the link, the wider audience the better.
Thanks again,

(Catharine Higginson) #3

Hi Heather
Please don’t hesitate to post - this isn’t some cliquey group - you’ll find everyone really friendly and helpful! I’ll put your post on the FB page too if you like? And I’ve just twittered it.

C x

ps this is fine as a place to put it btw!