Home oven cleaning


Happy New Year to you all!!

Does anybody know if here in France there is a home oven cleaning company, like they have in the UK??

My Niece stayed for a couple of weeks whilst we were away, and goodness knows what she cooked in my oven but it is in a terrible state, have tried cleaning but can not get all of it off!!!!!


lol I hope not!!!!!! :)

I cook most of my uncovered stuff in my pyrolitic oven, which burns everything off.

For my other ovens I use Oven Mate which I buy from Lakeland.

It is on my list of things to do to clean all the ovens. The last big cook is today when we are having the neighbours in for a meal this evening. We will be 13.

There must be a commercial outfit which cleans canteens, hospital kitchens etc.

Good luck with your search.

I've just looked at our oven. Has your niece been here ?

Have you tried putting the oven on with a bowl (ovenproof of course) of hot water in it for say 15 mins on low to medium heat, turn off, leave overnight or a few hours, then trying to clean it? Apparently if you put some ammonia in the water once you've switched the oven off that also helps but we (i.e my wife!) haven't tried that. She also used to use brillo pads - as they're wire wool rather than scratchy stuff they shouldn't damage the lining of the oven.

Hi there - I know this post is a couple of years old but as ovens only need a once a year clean (generally) I thought i’d let you know of an oven cleaner - called Four Éclat - there is a Facebook page with lots of before and after pics and 5 star ratings!

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Thank you James :slight_smile:


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