Home owner’s visa

All was well until I got to:-
all applicants will have to file their request for a Schengen Visa through a single platform. The platform, which hasn’t been developed yet, and its domain remains unknown

I know, my heart sank a little too, also still need to make an appearance at the Consulate for the 1st time visa.

Let’s hope the EU IT department is better than the British government at building this sort of thing!

Built by agencies like CGI and Logica.

I think it probably goes wrong at the specification stage or maybe it’s the budgets.

Deffo the budgets, in order to win the contract its done at a price which means certain cuts are made to functionality

The smart meter roll out in the UK has been an absolute debacle. The meter suppliers were suggesting that the government insisted on so many unnecessary features that the thing was just broken by the time it saw the light. I suppose they would say that though!

I’m sure the tree swing has been quoted before - still worth a chuckle?


Brilliant and so true!

A similar one here…


The immigration law proposals were voted on last night. Thankfully the ability of refugees and sans papiers to access medical care was restored. However the proposal for second home owners was apparently rejected (can’t find text yet).

Which comes as no surprise give that the Government’s comment on the proposals was the “amendment is satisfied by the existing legal framework I invite you to withdraw it, otherwise the opinion of the government will be unfavourable, the same applies to Senator Canévet’s amendment, and we are unfavourable towards Mrs Imbert’s amendment which creates a new visa.”

Sad for British owners affected (apart from the ones who voted for Brexit, of course).

without getting into a rigmarole… can’t Brits come to France for a lump of 90 days each 180???

and if doing shorter visits than 1 x 90 days at a time, it can surely rumble on and on … can’t it ??? :+1:

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I think you’re right. It only affects those doing longer or more frequent trips. And obviously you start to reclaim days later on.

Yes, nothing changes. They have 90/180 like any other third country. And if want to stay 6 months just pay £99 and get a tourist visa…

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Nothing changes? It was to assist home owners not to have to go through the visa application process which is not just paying £99 and buying it sadly but interviews and lots of paperwork.
Being able to stay longer as an agreement would indeed be helpful. The way the UK is shaping down, the more likely I would be to retire there but taking a long stay is helpful for both project developments and trying to settle in.

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Welcome to France. Part and parcel of French life and it’s not exactly onerous. You have to get a passport photo, print out some bank statements and write a statement saying you will not work.

Apart from that it’s things one has to hand anyway - EHIC, and EDF attestation de domicile.

If that’s considered a lot of paperwork perhaps French life may not suit!

Given that EHIC only covers for 3 months, surely proper French health insurance is needed?

Are you sure about that? My daughter just spent a year in Brussels and the university advised that the EHIC was good for the entire stay.

From French Government visa wizard

For stays in France up to 6 months : UK-insured reciprocal healthcare entitlement documents (valid EHIC / GHIC). For stays over 6 months : Private Health insurance covering the entire validity of the visa (up to 1 year), except for retirees receiving a British retirement pension who may provide the S1 Form delivered by the NHS.