Home security systems?

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Looking for advice from people who've installed security systems at their home, either DIY or via an installation company.

We have a second home in the Drome Provençale and of course, before I got around to installing security, we got burgled whilst we were away. No major damage, just the usual TV/HIFI stolen.

So ... after the horse has bolted I am going to put in security. I would like to get Video surveillance linked to our internet connection so that I can have motion-triggered video recorded to a remote site, plus the usual intruder detection alarms on the doors/inside to provide local deterrent with an audible alarm. The house is all shuttered up when we are not there (apart from the weak link garage door which they used and we are fixing!). We have neighbours about 150M away but it's a small village.

I'm OK doing this myself, or can get a company to install. I have an IT & Electronics background so comfortable installing/configuring.

I'm really looking for any good tips on reliable equipment, be it the monitors, cameras (indoor or out), central control unit and tips on installing. Plus....I heard certain insurers give a discount if you have telesurveilence? Does it need to be installed by a pro?

Lastly : Are there any laws to respect in terms of announcing that you are being filmed? I seem to think that there are (if the film were to ever be used as evidence).

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Hi Martin ,
I just joined and saw your post from 2013 regarding home security .
I have old farmhouse in Noyant Maine et Loire .
It has been burgled three times in two years and expensive items taken including two new sit on mowers and trailer .
I am single but very good at diy . Can do electrics plumbing tiling plastering .
Not brilliant at tech but quick learner.
I don’t have internet at farm but was looking at satellite internet that could support a good security system .
Could you give me any ideas or just some advice from your experience please

It would be interesting to hear what other folk have done in this line as well… Security is fast becoming topic of the day in my area… :pensive:

The problem with Internet based security systems is that a lot of people turn their electrics off when they leave a holiday home, or disconnect the Internet box or phone line, and even if it is all left connected the first decent thunderstorm will fry it anyway.

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That’s not really an issue any more Mark because most systems now come with SIM backup via mobile networks. Obviously you need electricity!!

I’ve used https://www.eps-telesurveillance.fr/fr/ for the last 3 years - really pleased and excellent customer service (strange but true!!!)

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Ah, but what if there is no mobile signal? As in lots of rural france.

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Then you’re screwed! You may need to call in the pigeons :slight_smile:

(Ah but…makes me smile for many reasons)

I never leave my shutters up even when just going to the shop.