we've been living in France for 4 years now (Four!)... beautiful rural 1950's style Provence, nice house and good employers - happy as kittens - and who knew? when Tony couldn't count past 13 and I could only say vin and pain - we'd be home...

lol - definitely off topic now. This is the book I enjoyed while scoffing my Creme Eggs


…and you shall be very welcome too… :slight_smile:

Lis, we're just outside Vaison La Romaine - the Northern edge of tourist Provence i suppose... it's just starting, la saison touristique. we have five weeks now until the madness starts. And I know you'll be a busy bee too. We've had a weird winter - but as soon as october rolls around we'd love to come knocking on you door!

bonne chance, joyeuses pâques

x teresa

Lol Teresa…did make me laugh…so where in la belle Provence are you? PS! Happy Easter… :slight_smile:

And I am thrilled to be called a young bairn when I was born in 1965, in South Yorkshire, I might add :-) My present from Teresa has to be one of the nicest 'thank you's I have ever received from just answering questions about living here. She was also kind enough to send me a fab book about one of Frances worst serial killers - don't worry, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Just goes to show that we are an eclectic lot here at SFN.

That explains the "chocolate egg" part ..... !!


thanks Simon - it's rare these days i'm called young...

before we left for france i joined this site and asked everyone what they missed...

tracy missed cadburys creme eggs, and as it was easter and i worked in a big multi-national with a huge friendly post-room, i sent a present for easter.

x t

its the young bairns speaking a different tongue to us northern folk

Brilliant Michael.

I didn't understand a bloody thing in this post !

You're happy ,but Tony can't count and your conversation is limited to two words !

Then someone wishes you Happy Anniversary and then rambles on about chocolate eggs !

Then we learn of Tony's drinking problems ! What's gannin' on ??

He's Irish - but once he learned how to say Carafe he was grand!

x t

oh yes, i remember!

(but i do think you should wait for Sunday...)

x t

If Tony could count passed 13 glasses of Vin, I'd be impressed to Lol

Happy Anniversary Teresa and well done. Your post made me smile as I just received this years little stash of Cadburys Creme eggs yesterday direct from Cardiff and am about to test if they do taste any different.