Homemade Rocket Stove with video

I made another rocket stove, this one is an improvement on the first but indirect heat only using the griddle.

Let me know what you think.

Apologies for the length if the video, could be a few minutes shorter maybe!


Amusing at 6.55 :wink:

Wow great stuff, think i would have just cooked the sausage with the blow lamp! Ha ha did enjoy the video though.

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Great stuff @james Nice bit of welding kit (PAW? ) Must get one, beats stick welding .

James, where do you get your gas cylinders from, i need some Argon and Corgon soon and would like to get some.

From my steel supply shop Prolians but you can go to any Air Liquide distributor. I have a lease contract for the bottles so you’ll need to arrange that first.

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It’s cheap though. I think I paid 150 for the three year bottle lease and then its 71 plus vat for a refill and that’s quite a big bottle (Co2 argon mix). The other bottle is for stainless and it’s double the price at least for a refill.

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Thanks James. much obliged

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Haha James, a little OTT for sausage cooking! I played with these as a home heater, incredible heat output for very little wood but the steel risers soon disintegtrate I found. Where did you find the steel box section? I am looking for some long lengths to made a sliding gate for my place.

Thanks! I buy my steel from Prolians

Thanks James :+1:

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