Homeopathy, does it work?

(stella wood) #21

Try this link… I think it is what you are looking for…

(David Martin) #22

I just read up about nux vomica as I’d not heard about it. I was surprised to read that it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or by mothers who are feeding. :slight_smile:

(Peter Bird) #23

Hi Ann, I have loads of ‘acute sins’ maybe all I really need is ‘u’ ?
Yes she prescribed Passeflora and so far so good whether it’s the placebo effect or not. i’m sleeping ok at the moment. This is the third day of the sinus treatment and my head is a lot clearer tho’ still feeling gunged up, at least the nausea and dizzyness seems to have gone away.

(Ann Coe) #24

Hi Peter,

Must admit that your little typo had me chuckling all day, what a shame though, I was a least hoping for a long list of your worse sins. :wink:

Pleased to hear that the Passiflora is working, what dosage did your GP prescribe ? Mine was 5 granules each night !

(Peter Bird) #25

I have too many sins to list !!

Yep, five granules (9ch) to be taken fifteen minutes before eating the evening meal.

(Ann Coe) #26

Aha, mine was to be taken when going to bed.

I might give it a try the way yours was prescribed, roughly what time did you take them as we all eat at a different hour?

(Helen Wright) #27

Were you reading about the herbal version or the homeopathic version…???

Homeopathic medicine is totally safe…x :slight_smile:

It makes me laugh actually…on the one hand we have “scientists” discrediting homeopathy at every available opportunity saying homeopathy is worthless and nothing more than placebo and doesn’t work and blah blah blah…and then on the other hand saying its not safe…!

It can’t be both…x :slight_smile:

(Peter Bird) #28

We eat at 2000 hrs so I take the granules 1945hrs approx

(David Martin) #29

(Helen Wright) #30

Which is more or less what I’m saying…homeopathic nux vomica (as all homeopathic remedies) are diluted so much that it’s only the “energetic memory” of the substance that’s left…(interesting that we are also exploring how water holds memory)

Detractors will use this as an excuse to say it can’t possibly work and scientific researchers will try and dissuade people from using it by provoking fear of the substance in its original form…

(Ann Coe) #31

Thanks Peter I will try taking it earlier before I eat, as I was literally taking it when I went to bed, often at 10pm or later !

Nothing lost in trying again ! :hugs:

(David GAY) #32

Grossesse & allaitement

Demandez conseil à votre médecin ou pharmacien avant de prendre tout médicament.
En l’absence de données expérimentales et cliniques, et par mesure de précaution, l’utilisation de ce médicament est à éviter pendant la grossesse et l’allaitement.
The note above relates to nux vomica.

(Simon Armstrong) #33

We take the Boiron 9ch tubes (tiny little flavoured balls a bit like hundreds and thousands) of Influenzinum and Serum deYersin as our anti-flu protection. Weekly dose, 3 weeks x Infuenzium followed 1 x Serum de Yersin in the 4th week - and repeat :slight_smile:

Taken this ‘formula’ for 3 years and, touch wood, not succumbed to the flu. We gave these a try due to a near death experience (man flu) with a flu jab 4 years ago!! :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:



(stella wood) #34

Wow… that’s interesting Simon… neighbours swear by that stuff… so it is good to hear your verdict as well…

(Helen Wright) #35

“Homeopathic medications are safe to take at all stages of pregnancy or labour; but take care with herbal reme­dies unless they have specific instruc­tions for use when pregnant.”

“If the nausea starts as soon as you lift your head off the pillow, then Cocculus indica can be very helpful. It is derived from the cockle flower and can be taken at a dose of 30c three times a day. It is especially useful when the nausea is related to movement so may also be taken if you find that you are inclined to motion sickness in your preg­nancy. If the nausea is worse in the morning, and you keep being sick with small amounts of food and mucus, then try Nux vomica at the same dose as the Cocculus indica. If the smell of food trig­gers your sickness and eating does not help stop the nausea, then try Sepia, again 30c three times daily. If symptoms are very severe, you can take any of the above remedies every two hours, at the same strength, but I would advise that you seek urgent medical advice if you are unable to keep any fluids down whatsoever or are feeling very unwell. “

(John Withall) #36

Taken absolutely nothing for 8 years and touch wood, not succumbed either, maybe it was the chemo :grin:

(Geof Cox) #37

I don’t have the reference, but a few years ago I remember a big study trying to compare the effectiveness of homeopathy and conventional treatment - unfortunately they also included a third ‘control’ (placebo) group - which turned out to be the most effective!

(Paul Flinders) #38

Placebos can be very effective.

Interestingly, even if people know that they are placebos, which is a bit bizarre.

(Véronique Langlands) #39

Taking them is completely safe, obviously seeing they are just tiny balls of sugar, what is unsafe is NOT taking medicine with active ingredients when you have a serious condition you can’t let time and your own defences sort out.
I spent a year working for MSF in a context of war and refugee camps, we didn’t use homoeopathy essentially because people were consulting with real disease and injury: had homoeopathy been effective for those believe me we would have used them!

(Peter Goble) #40

Question. If an ‘appropriate’ allopathic medicine is taken at the same time as an ‘appropriate’ homeopathic remedy (for the self-same affliction) do they

  1. Neutralise each other’s effectiveness?
  2. Diminish each other’s effectiveness?
  3. Increase each others effectiveness?
  4. Have no effect on each other’s effectiveness?
  5. “Fight it out” so that one or the other prevails at the expense of the other, but both end up with less effectiveness or no effectiveness, or with a net effect of making matters worse?

Or does it depend on how much faith the patient may have in each, or some other factor, such as the confidence of the prescriber in her/his prescription, or in each other’s, or whether they are aware of each other at all, or something else?

I imagine such matters have been enquired into and it’s too long-winded to google :thinking::no_mouth::face_with_thermometer: