Homeopathy, does it work?

(Peter Bird) #1

I recently changed GP and this one is a Generaliste plus Homeopath. Simple question, does homeopathy work, even partially or is it a bit of a con ? I am completely non-judgmental and would like to hear of your experiences.

(Jane Williamson) #2

Well, the Royal family seem to be long lived.
I am not sure if that is down to genes or their use of homeopathy…

(Jane Jones) #3

If you want it to, it works. Your brain is a very powerful thing.

(Ann Coe) #4

Probably also down to having the best of medical care available …:wink:

(Ann Coe) #5

Hello Peter

I have been prescribed homeopathic treatment by my doctor who knows I have a horror of all drugs.

While the treatment didn’t work for me personally it didn’t leave any side effects either.

I know people who swear by this natural remedy, and it does seem to work for some. I suppose it depends on what problem is being treated and the strength of the doses prescribed.

A person trained in homeopathy will normally spend a long time posing questions and going right back through a persons lifestyle before making any diagnosis. This is something that a GP just hasn’t got the time to do.

I live a long way from any trained homeopathist otherwise I would certainly go down this route.

I do use essential oils for all the little ‘bobos’ ( earache, headaches, burns, stings etc; ) in life and I find they work very well indeed. Care must be taken in their use but I have made quite a study of them, so am quite confident with using them.

(Bob Sivell) #6

Herbalism is apparently more effective

(Peter Bird) #7

There does seem to be a lot of confusion or uncertainty about it’s effectiveness with no one ever since I can recall able to say if it can help or not. I’m sure companies like Boiron make vast amounts of money on something which seems unproven !
The GP saw that I took a medecin occasionally to help me sleep, I use this stuff about two or three times per week. She was horrified and told me there were direct links with this pill to dementia etc. She prescribed a homeopathic treatment and told me to stop taking the drug immediately. So far so good with a couple of decent nights sleep. The main reason for seeing her was to help clear up acute sins problems to which she prescribed nasal sprays and three homeopathic treatments, so far so good.
I’m open to any ideas but have no idea whether the effectiveness of the treatments is dependant upon if i’m a ‘believer’ in this kind of thing or not.

(Ann Coe) #8

I was prescribed Passiflora to help me sleep, unfortunatly it has had no effect.

What are you taking Peter ?

Oh, and by the way would love to know exactly what your acute sins are ! :rofl:

(Paul Flinders) #9

The short answer is “no”, at least not for physical illness with a defined cause.

The longer answer is “maybe” depending on what is actually wrong.

(David Martin) #10

In my experience many treatments described as homeopathy do not meet the definition and are in fact herbal or traditional remedies.

(Chris Elliott) #11

If you believe in Fairies then maybe… The truth is it may work if you believe it will - basically its a placebo. If you laugh at the concept then no it won’t. I’m a total cynic and believe medicine has advanced a lot in 300 years.

NHS - links to the NHS page and further reading.

Placebo is a powerful thing so don’t discount - but placebos don’t work if you think its a very expensive sugar tablet. … My ex swore by it - but she was a hypochondriac so…

(Jane Williamson) #12

Many allopathic drugs are plant based.

(Paul Flinders) #13

As they say:

Q. What do you call herbal remedies that work?

(Mark Robbins) #14


(Helen Wright) #15

Does homeopathy work…???

The short answer is yes…x :slight_smile:

My first research into homeopathy was because of my animals…people go on about placebo but placebo does not work on animals…

Now homeopathy is just about the only system of medicine that I use…

One of my daughters has done her own research too…she’s carrying her third baby and started with heartburn…nux vomica at 30c completely stops it within a few minutes…she loves it as well…x :slight_smile:

(John Withall) #16

Strange though it seems there are researchers still testing theories. Water is a strange molecule as it has both + and - . It’s a dipole molecule so in theory at least it could be programmed just like any binary machine (computer).
Anyway this is an interesting video, well to anyone who interested.

(Helen Wright) #17

That’s a shame…I’m getting this message…x :frowning:

(David Martin) #18

No good for us in a France.

(John Withall) #19

That’s a shame, the original research began in France so you’d have thought they would allow it.
Anyone any ideas how this can be viewed, VPN?

(David Martin) #20

VPN should do it.