I wonder if anyone has much knowledge of this subject?
I would like to improve my knowledge of this subject and would appreciate discussing with anyone who has a similar interest;

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Wow… Geoff… this got my interest…

I admit to knowing nothing… but Googled it and could probably spend the rest of the week reading stuff. Google offers more than 10 pages of links etc… so will be interesting to learn from folk who have first-hand experiences.

yes, a bit like you Stella, I have only just come accorss this and thought that if we who are interested did our own research and shared some of the points we pick up, that could be quite rewarding.
Let me start by saying that I was fascinated to learn that the ‘beginning’ of the use of homeoprofhylaxis ( can we call it hp from now on - my typing skills are slow!) was taking place in Germany just around the same time as Jenner was experimenting with his prohylaxis in Gloucester. So they have been around for almost the exact same ammount of time.

At the risk of being controversial (which I don’t normally like to do on here) I would never use homeopathic remedies because I don’t believe that they are effective. For me, the concept of ultra-dilution is ludicrous.

However, I also believe that our health is affected by our state of mind and that if you believe something will work then there is much more of a chance that “it” will. Whether that be conventional medicine, homeopathy, prayer, a vegan diet etc etc.

If people find homeopathy effective then that’s great but, in my opinion, the effectiveness of it is based on the belief that it works.

I’ll be hiding in the wardrobe if anyone wants me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mandy, of course you are welcome to your beliefs, however i was hoping to reserve this thread as a point of discussion to enhance knowledge of the subject, rather than go over the already much discussed ’ if its not mainstream science then it can’t work’ mantra. You have every right to express your view on any of the threads but I thought is would be nice to keep this one to the details of the subject instead of whether or not it is quack medicine.

Maybe you should add this point to your opening post otherwise this thread will become just that.

Best of luck with keeping the discussion “on topic”.

I’ll leave you fellow believers to it. :wave::wave:


@geoff_faulkner I’m just realising the difference between homeopathy (which some of my neighbours swear by) and HP… which is another thing altogether… a lot further down the road, so to speak…

Hope you can find someone with first-hand knowledge of HP, to sort through all the bumpf…


I’ve followed the vaccine research on and off since my kids were babies and the questions that arose for me over the MMR at that time…In relation to homeopathy about 10 years ago when a puppy had a severe adverse reaction to first vaccines…(a 7 in 1 that almost killed her and a £2000 vets bill to save her life…) my research into Homeopathy and particularly Homoeoprophylaxis began then…I have successfully reared vaccine free dogs ever since using nosodes starting at 3 weeks old…My coming up 7 year old had never been vaccinated until I had to agree to rabies to take him out of the UK…he reacted badly to the vaccine so I gave him homeopathic lyssin and then a detox with homeopathic Thuja…before the rabies vaccine he had never had a days illness in his life… Here’s an introduction to Homoeoprophylaxis…x :slight_smile: An Introduction to Homeoprophylaxis - YouTube

11 million people in Cuba protected from Leptospirosis by homeopathic nosodes… http://www.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e6184/rr/616928

And which serovar is present…The conventional vaccine only covers 3 serovars…The decision by Cuba to use nosodes during the first epidemic was taken in conjunction with the Finlay institute…Leptospirosis is now virtually eradicated there…

Yes there is classical prescribing…there is also “first aid” (which many use to great effect in everyday life as mentioned by Stella…me included) and Homoeoprophylaxis…The miasms are interesting…I’ve heard it said that it would take 3 vaccine free generations to return a population to a natural state…???

Canada…and the clinically insane monsieur Trudeau…currently trying to ban front line service workers from using the words mother and father…x :slight_smile:

I’m not automatically against stuff which is not mainstream, but the problem with homeopathy is there is just no plausible explanation, no plausible mechanism by which it could work.

Take the Cuba study - that used a homeopathic vaccine called nosoLEP 200C.

200C in homeopathic parlance means 200 serial 1:100 dilutions. You take the source material (estimated to contain 1 million - 106 - bacterial per ml) and dilute it with 100x the amount of distilled water, you take that  solution and again dilute it 100x with distilled water - repeat this process 200 times and you have your “vaccine”. This is then administered in doses of approx 1.25 to 1.5ml (5 drops each approx 250µl - 300µl).

The dilution works out to be 1:10400, lets get this in perspective - undiluted 1 ml would have a million bacteria, after the 1st dilution 10,000, after the 2nd 100, and after the 3rd just 1. Another dilution gets us down to just 1% chance that a ml will still contain a bacterium - in fact a killed bacterium, and the process goes on to a further 196 1:100 dilutions.

Put another way if I started out with the mass of the entire observable universe and split it up into 10400 portions there would not be enough matter left in each to form the smallest sub-atomic particle.

Now I know that the homeopaths will say that they are not relying on the presence of the bacteria in the vaccine, they claim “water memory” or quantum effects - I don’t believe them but let’s assume for a second that there is such an effect.

Even then one has to ask why the effect is not swamped by everything else  that the water comes into contact with, the equipment used to distil the water, the vessels used to carry the water, vessels used for the preparation and storage of the vaccine, air within those vessels - the list of sources of contamination is endless, even if they are microscopic traces of microscopic traces they should affect the vaccine for the exact same reasons that the source material does.

How then do you explain how the positive effect that you are after is not swamped by the negative effects of contamination.

That there was a “positive” result in the Cuba study is interesting but the reason lies somewhere other than the use of nosoLEP 200C.


This is an interesting, albeit very long, explanation of the results found in the Cuban leptospirosis intervention.

ps Sorry @geoff_faulkner but I did warn you.


Hypothetically speaking the entire population of the world could be given a quarter acre plot each in Australia and still have an area the size of Queensland left over…plus the rest of the planet…it’s not the people who are a problem…it’s the criminal corporate management of resources…

thanks Véronique.
I m not sure if I agree or not because I did not understand a word you said.
I must be really stupid.

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Pretty good analysis, liked it.

The Cuban study was conducted by the Finlay institute…not by homeopaths…the Finlay institute are veteran conventional medical researchers and scientists researching and manufacturing testing and implementing the use of conventional vaccines for decades…yes I know the difference between 200c and 30c and 1M etc…I’m guessing you’ve never used homeopathic Belladonna to quickly reduce a fever or arsenicum to relieve an upset stomach or nux vomica to relieve heartburn within minutes or apis meillifica for a bee sting etc…I’m saying this with respect to your view that you hate big Pharma just as much as a lot of us do… Here’s a whole load more clinical trials… x :slight_smile: https://immunizationalternatives.com/clinical-research/

Doesn’t really matter who conducted the study, it was riddled with issues.


No, I haven’t, but then I wouldn’t, would i? :slight_smile: