Honda 125 vt shadow - advice please

Honda 125 vt shadow -- Is this a good "learner" bike? Can it be driven in France on the "125" "A" licence?

Thanks Ian.

The Sahara south of Morocco is right off my list these days .... the Senegalese "tourism prevention police" have done their work and Mauritania is getting very scary! India is edging it's way up my list though!

Yup - get bikin!

(I wouldn't advise any more round-the-world trips or Saharan rallies though!)

Thanks Ian -- Here's my French licence -- does that clarify? I thought the "A1" category allowed me to ride a bike??? What do you think??

The 24 year thing is about the permit A. I presume you don't have a bike category on your French licence and you are interested in riding a two-wheeler on your B licence.

So says you can ride "motocyclettes légères (cylindrée n'excédant pas 125 cm3 et dont la puissance n'excède pas 11 KW)" on your B licence. explains whether you will need to take the 7-hour practical training course (previously 3-hour) or not.

Got any details??

Go for a Honda Varadero, the most expensive 125 out there but it's the best by miles. I rode one for several years here on my permit B from memory it's all down to when you passed your test as to whether you need additional training or not, see here ;-)

PS If you haven’t got one in mind I know my old one is for sale

Hmmmm .... I don't think that would suit me!

Had one when I got back into biking after 40years . Can really recommend it as it gave me a big bike feel , although after a few months , I upgraded to a750 version as I missed the power going up hills !! I sold it to a friend who only had a car license . I believe they only had to go on a short course to allow them to drive it in France . Best of luck , I just love riding my bike in France - so much space and motorists who are bike aware makes it a pleasure again

You need a DTR125 :D ![](upload://3CfNeZYW0zhduLQDipusdrUECTE.jpg)

Thanks Ian --- does that mean that over 24 one can ride any 125cc bike, or am I misunderstanding?

Forgot to mention the driving of 125cc bikes on the B licence and the need, or otherwise, for a practical course - see:

At 15 bhp (11 KW) the bike should be OK for riders with permits de conduire A1 (≥ 16 years, ≤ 11 KW), A2 (≥ 18 years, ≤ 35 KW) or A (≥24 years, all bikes).



Vic, My mid-life crisis started while I was in my 30's. I can afford more of it now!

Feeling a mid life crisis coming on Roger? Me & my 1981 Honda CB 750 Custom have been having one for yonks. I commend it to you :-) Oh yeah! sorry, can't help with advice on 'bike.