Hope beyond "Just" the vaccine

Interesting article about the search at a genetic level for understanding about why some people seemingly don’t get COVID and why others get it extremely.
We are living at the dawn of an extraordinary time when it comes to treating illnesses. The reference back to AIDs and the work done at the time with Stephen Crohn shows what an amazing outcome there can be from such learning.

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I watched a documentary a few years ago and it said 20% of the population cannot get norovirus I am one of that group as I have had lots of exposure to it but never suffered

My husband caught it in hospital.

Fair enough it does happen

I was on my own most of the year. Possibly caught whilst having physio… returned for Christmas in UK, again just at home with husband and sons, and still trying to shake covid after effects and get a negative test so I can get home!!!
I had the virus hard but was able to avoid hospital at first. After 2 months and repeat positive tests I’ve had lots of tests to show no organs effected so the pain is myalgia and I have post covid syndrome.
When I get back I need to sort out cpam and am worried about the transition!

Must be a relief that no organs affected, so hope myalgia goes asap…

Can you do some of the administration remotely, ie by post/email? Presumably once you have a negative test you can get back to France as allowed to travel to principal residence, but may less worrying if can start things off?

I have my attestation de droits. My Carte Vitale has been requested. I’ve ordered my CEAM card for my upcoming month in the UK. I’ve typed up all my medication for my M.T. and sent off the cerfa for a M.D. My car has French plates since March. I had my second vaccine over a week ago. As soon as my M.D. is uploaded to my amelie account , she will fill in the PUMA forms for ALD, which means then I will be totally covered. … Just clocked back in on this site. Thanks for the support and advice for all the steps! 15th June Carte de Sejour rendez-vous, 16th back to uk home for a few weeks.


That’s all looking very promising, @chezsarah - well done for hanging on in there :smiley:

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CEAM was uploaded to my amelie account. My MT had been added! Got an appointment to discuss my meds to be uploaded by my MT to puma. So that’s me done. Carte vitale will arrive when it arrives, I have several copies of attestation des droits in my rucsac and my CAF FFCAM sports insurance so looks like I’m there.
Next step is to commit to a mutuelle…

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This is looking really good, Sarah! Well done :clap: