Hope this year is a bit more pain free!

Last year was full of ups and downs. I started with continuous flares with my rheumatoid arthritis. Then I developed sinusitis, again. :(

Our daughter in England then had her twins 7 weeks early so mid March we went to England to see the babies and help her. While there I developed sinusitis again which became pneumonia. So I ended up in hospital, great when I should have been helping my daughter and getting baby cuddles.

Back in France I saw a pneumologist who told me that I had a huge infection in the sinuses and sleep apnea! Great so back on antibiotics and now use a machine to keep me breathing at night. It is due to the rheumatoid arthritis apparently.

In October I ended up in hospital in France due to a herniated cervical disc. While there I was told I was diabetic due to the steroids I have been taking for the last three years. Now my rheumatologist is reducing the steroids I take but as yet no idea what alternative he has up his sleeve.

People are full of advice. Take these supplements, follow this diet, lose/gain weight, take/stop exercise if any of these actually worked don't people think we would have done all this with the advice of the rheumatologist? I have so much problem with my hips and back I cannot walk far at all and am in continuous pain. Exercise is good to keep the joints working but it is best to take advice from professionals.

At the hospital they put me on a diet for my diabetes which I have followed and have now lost 11lbs. Luckily I don't have to use insulin and just test the dextrose twice a day. The one thing that has come from this which we 'like' is that we are eating better and more varied foods. I use herbs and spices to make food more enjoyable rather than sauces. Strangely in order to follow the menu plan from the dietician we (my husband eats what I eat) eat more than previously but he feels as I do much better.

I gained a lot of weight due to the steroids but hopefully by the time I see the rheumatologist again in March I will have reached a more acceptable weight which will make me feel better.