Hope would love another chance

When you move into a house, you may expect a couple of items left behind - but a cat and her kittens??
Hope and her 4 babies are most lovable, family cats. Hope's four boys are very playful kittens, lovely and cuddly!

They are all neutered, Vaccinated and chipped - ready to cuddle into your laps

Hopkin né 01/09/2011 male tigré poils mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730010738

Honeybear né 01/09/2011 male roux et blanc poils mi-long numéro d'identification 250268720146681

Herbert né 01/09/2011 male tigré poils mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730024710

Hope née 01/04/2011 femelle écaille de tortue poils mi-long numéro d'identification 250268720146682

Huey(left) has already found a home

Have another look Melissa, the link hasn't worked.

Little Huey probably went and complained to his agent - watch out.

People never cease to amaze us in various ways, Melissa.

It is true, doing what we do in animal rescue, we see some of the worst in people, but without the huge amount of generousity, support, and care, cats like Hope wouldn't have a chance!

Little Huey, on the left found a home quite quickly and we have great expectations for them all.

Thanks for your kind words Melissa - here's another photo, I think Huey was getting bored of posing!

Bless you Lynn. Those are some pretty pennies, and they have hard working guardian angels who brought them to you.

You inspire me and I thank you!