Hope's four kittens!

Now ready to leave, I've just taken photos to update you. the four kittens that were placed in Hope's care are thriving, if not little rascals, as all kittens should be!!

It wasn't easy getting photos but playing on their curiousity (and with a feather stick in hand!) this absolutely goreous bunch deserve the best place possible - maybe chez vous??

Amour né 10.5.2012 noir charbonne à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730075554
Tinkerbell née 10.5.2012 femelle gris et blanc à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730076329
Laurel né 10.5.2012 noir charbonne à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730074486
Hardy né 10.5.2012 noir et blanc à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730076366

Hijack away melissa - they all need to find good homes!

I'm moving the next photo to the general wall - I didn't mean to highjack "Hope's Four Kittens" and if I fogot to say it - CONGRATULATIONS SWEET TINKERBELL!

He's a ward of the SPA so the 95 € fee includes his first two vaccinations, microchip and castration. We could work out a way for that castration credit to be transfered to your own vet, or some such equitable arrangement. Promise, new photos to come after I shovel through the morning's priority paperwork. Call me if you'd like!

He is absolutely adorable plus he's young enough to get dog acquainted and put in his place by the other two. Is there any adoption fee for him or just vaccination/chop chop fees?

Hi Valerie and Lynn,

I do have an exceptionally friendly fuzzy who's ready to go to his permanent home. I'll take some school portraits today, but let me introduce, far right, Peanut!

He is three and half months old, in excellent health, semi-long haired, but mostly has an exceptional personality. He is cheerful and funny, very affectionate and very smart. When I work with a wild, squiggly wild one in my lap (Bean, in the middle) Peanut jumps up, sits on the offender and purrs. He helps me! He's interested in my big cats and wants to get better aquainted. When I take him on the balcony with me he's curious but stays close. He's a crème. He's had his first vaccinations and wil be micro-chipped next Monday. Far left is his brother, Tom, who went to his new home last week.

I don't have a lot of kitten experience, but I'm in the double digits, and this is a very interesting little soul.


05 55 77 16 09

06 20 91 59 21

Tinkerbell adopted - HOORAY!!!

Along with four other kittens in the past few days (not to the same family!!!)

Many more, along with all the Microchip numbers etc on our website www.chatsduquercy.com

So gorgeous................... but my old Lady who is now 8 would have none of it..... hope they all find loving homes soon x

Aha, of course, Melissa. Near Limoges I think. That's only an hour away. Melissa, I've got 2 dogs, 2 cats but could fit a very friendly one in (probably of the small variety so it could grow up 'knowing its place')

Why not check in with Melissa, I know that she has some adorables too, and she may be closer?

Hope that you can sort something between you, keep us up to date!

Thanks Lynn - thought they might be but was checking on the offchance they were in another safe house a bit more local. I suppose it saves me the terrible dilemma of having to choose, they are all so adorable.

They are Melissa, and all down to Hope and her care!

They certanly are Valerie, along with many others - check out our website www.chatsduquercy.com for more details and loads of photos of all the other adorables!

If you fancy paying us a visit, we are very flexible with our opening hours, and can accomodate you when you are free, in an evening or saturday, sunday, and of course, during the week. call us on 05 63 94 73 97

Bravo Hope on these happy, healthy babies. They are darling!

Are they down at Cats de Quercy?