Horrified by lack of safety

I thought I would post these photos of a couple of construction workers working on a very public building in a very public place in the centre of Monflanquin. Look closely at what they are standing on and what is beneath them. Terrifying. What can you say or do when the gendarmerie is opposite and it is not hidden away from the french authorities.

It looks to me from the photos that the bits of that fence that could impale them if they fell are about 3 or 4 meters from the building. It's hard to tell from the perspective, but if you look at the plank of wood that is perpendicular to the building you can see how long it is. Besides, there's all that foliage that would break their fall, LOL

Made me laugh, eediots.

Looks quite typical to me, see that everywhere, health and safety doesn't exit as much in France as it does in the UK, they know the risks and use common sense instead, and tread a little more carefully. I really wouldn't want to be an English person complaining to the French about French workers safety.

Well you're sorted then.

I like you, your funny :)

As it happens it was my foot that i landed on ,and heres the best bit it was 2 years ago at "work" the boss got 10.000E fine, i am still off work on a full wage. i can walk ok but thats about it and form what the cpam have told me i will not be going back to work any time soon if at all, as i have just had an op on my knee that looks it came from the same accident, all most forgot had an hart attack one year ago as well.

So for now it time to get out a bottle wine and sit back in the sun.

And how is your head now ? ;-)

Sorry david i dont subscribe it that site so i cant see the message boards and dont know what you are talking about, maybe you could tell us some more?

Looks safe to me :) They look like they are from a small business and are using what they call system D

If you must phone the inspection du travail (DIRECCTE)

Direction RĂ©gionale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation,du travail et de l'emplo

Here you can even have Tel number 05 53 68 40 32 for the Lot et Garonne

the Health and safety organization in france.

i know them well were i live as i fell down a hole at work, they will come out to the work site if they think they need to

I always thought "From the message boards" in Private Eye was a parody. Now I can see it was just accurate reporting.

I am with you on this one simon i came to france to get away from people that dont mine there own. if i am right we called them bizzy body.

and no more cameras in my face.

I had H&S issues with COSEA, nothing done until I got hold of the CEOs email address and used the phrase 'corporate manslaughter'. Amazing how things changed. And a high court ruling had determined that email is the same as a recorded delivery letter so no wriggle room for them there. You are right to report it to the people funding them but try to get a name, if they take no action and there is an accident a criminal case will follow.

why are you bothered about other peoples business , this is france and people are expected to do what they want ....is it affecting you ? its called Laissez faire ! lol

they will have been chuckling, the gendarmerie staff will have been smiling ....stop sticking your nose in its not necessary !!!

i've tried three times to email the mairie abut this but to no avail the computer won't accept the contact. Take prints of your photos and send them with a covering letter with avis de reception to the maire.

Report it to the gendarmerie opposite. Porte plainte against the mairie.

I have reported safety issues before and been completely ignored. Who does one report to? I am thinking of send the photos to the French Federation du Batiment and the Conseil Regional Aquitaine who are funding the project - it is their sign. The site is next to a public car park so I am not the only one seeing this incredible lack of safety and not reporting it. At least I am concerned! You think I should delete the photos?

that is why you should send the pictures to a national organization, but remember there is probably not a Health and safety organization in france unlike the UK or America. the police are not interested and you being a concerned citizien should have reported this blatant lack of safety straight away to firstly the men involved then their supervisor now as you have posted these pictures you may have broken the law by not reporting it. which in the UK is a very hefty fine and possible imprisonment.