Horse Fly bite

Hi, while cutting the grass around midday today I was bitten on the right cheek of my face by a horse fly and as I know I always react to them by swelling and wanting to scratch the area with a wire brush I have been keeping an eye on it. I put after bite which did nothing followed by a antihistamine which was good for a couple of hours but still itchy. Managed to not scratch it so far but the side of my face now is looking like a 30 bob cabbage. I am not suffering in any other way but all around me are whilst I’m whingeing about it.

I recommend going to the doctor tomorrow and get a prescription for a corticosteroid ointment. Horsefly stings are evil and go on for days.


Definitely get to the doctors tomorrow. A couple of years ago I got a horsefly bite on my ankle while kayaking. I left it, thinking it would right itself - no it didn’t and my foot swelled up massively and I couldn’t get a shoe on and it was throbbing horribly. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and said I was lucky that I visited him. I now carry antihistamine tablets and creme and no longer ‘leave’ such things. Lesson learnt!

Try taking Hayfever tablets

Good idea, better than nothing and will help you get through tonight if you have any, BUT as @letsmile says leave it untreated and the next few days it could get a lot worse.

I’ve had them before a good many times but never anywhere as delicate as my face. Cramps last night horsefly today my oh my when does it stop :rofl:
Thank you all for advice and doctors it is tomorrow.

The other bit of advice would be to apply some antiseptic cream or spray if you have any, to minimize risk of infection, which is primarily why mine ballooned up - good luck :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Thank you

If you go to your local Pharmacie first thing, they may well be able to help you get an appointment with a local doctor ASAP.

Very good advice, our local pharmacie has a girl fluent in English she is amazing.

Have an appointment with our GP for tomorrow which is fine, fitful nights sleep but feeling much better this morning. Thinking it may not have been a Horsefly but what exactly not sure. Doctors wife who is also his secretary questioned my partner and came to the conclusion is may have been a Frelon. Never experienced anything like it, not pleasant one bit. This morning I still have a swelling and a bit of tenderness but fighting fit.
I read last week about a couple of cyclists that were both stung over 50 times and were in intensive care, I feel for them if mine was the same sting.

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Glad you got an appointment. Mrs P had a horse fly bite a couple of years ago and neither of us knew how serious it could be. Went to the doctor, who prescribed something, but on the basis that if it didn’t work PDQ she’d have to go to hospital for intravenous antibiotics

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